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Android Australia User Group is a community devoted to promoting local Android developers in Australia. Its aim is to help bridge the information gap between Australia and other technology hubs such as the United States.

Android is an accessible, open source operating system which is now a serious contender in the mobile landscape. Help us push Android forward by getting involved in our regular meetups, hack nights and experience sharing sessions.

Please be aware that our group is more developer focused therefore we focus primarily on technical talks and events most of the time.

We ask our members to please act in accordance with our Code of Conduct:

Over the years, our little Android community has grown. We’re proud of the events we run and the people who make up our community. We want to ensure we continue to uphold the values we share so we have put together a Code of Conduct.

We actively work to ensure the Android community is a safe, inclusive place for sharing for people of all experience levels. We respect, support and encourage each other.

We are dedicated to providing harassment-free experiences at all events and online spaces regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, or age. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. Our events are fun, but all communication should be appropriate for a professional audience including people of many different backgrounds.

We ask that all participants act in accordance with this Code of Conduct, whether speaking, sponsoring, attending or interacting as part of our community online. If you experience or witness someone acting in a way that does not reflect the values laid out in the code of conduct, please contact the event organiser, email g@lookahead.com.au or Direct Message @g on Slack in viewsource.slack.com

Anyone deemed to be acting in a way that offends or harasses anyone may be asked to cease their behaviour, asked to leave the event or prohibited from attending future events. Appropriate authorities will be contacted, if required. The Android Australia User Group and its organisers will determine the severity of the offense and the appropriate response.

Be kind, respectful, supportive and inclusive. And, let’s continue to make our little community awesome.

This is a work in progress. If there’s anything you think we’ve missed, we’re keen to hear your feedback.

This Code of Conduct has been developed with guidance from communities around the world. Thank you to all who provided inspiration and feedback.

www.androidaustralia.org (http://www.androidaustralia.org/)

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Thanks to our generous sponsors Atlassian for our venue, pizzas and drinks. Doors open at 6pm, and we'll start talks at 6.30pm: ============================== Multi-Module Gradle Plugins (Mitchell Tilbrook) ============================== Multimodule project is one of the best ways to manage a complex project, bring down build times, and take advantage of multiple cores when compiling. But, when you have a multimodule project, you know have to keep all the module build scripts in sync. "ext" variables and "buildSrc" are two common ways to centralize versions and libraries. Let's go with using the Kotlin DSL in buildSrc as the way we centralize our configuration. We still need to configure all the modules in our project. To do this, we will be using a Gradle plugin to remove almost all the build script duplication. ============================== Jetpack Compose (Andras Nemeth) ============================== We ask that attendees please take note of the recently published Code of Conduct (http://bit.ly/AndroidCoC) on the About Us section of this meetup page (and pinned on the #android Slack (http://bit.ly/view-src) channel) When you arrive, the lifts will be locked, but some very kind Atlassian employees will be there to let us up to level 6. Please try and arrive by 6.20pm so that they can catch the talks from 6.30pm. If you are running late, there will be a mobile number you can call from the lobby, but if you can, please try and avoid that so that our lovely hosts can see all the talks :) Questions or suggestions, please email [masked], ping @zarah or @ne'mi a direct message on Slack (http://view-source-radboats.herokuapp.com/)

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