Kotlin event


The interest in Kotlin has been growing steadily for the past couple of years, so having done a few talks as part of the Android meetup, we decided to host a separate event dedicated entirely to Kotlin. Luckily for us, the VP of Developer Advocacy at JetBrains is coming to town and we invited him to give a talk. Come along if you’re interested in Kotlin, there will be interesting talks, pizza, beer and some giveaways.

Speaker: Hadi Hariri (VP of Developer Advocacy at JetBrains)

Topic: A Deeper Dive into Kotlin

In this talk we're going to dive a bit deeper into some powerful aspects of Kotlin that provide us with great functionality. We're going to cover topics such as delegation, higher-order extension functions, inline and reified functions, and some other features that allow us to create DSL for using in our applications. In addition we'll look at some of the new things coming out in Kotlin 1.1, and in particular Coroutines, Type Aliases, Local Delegation Properties and Inline Properties.

Speaker: Mike Gouline (Android meetup regular)

Topic: Asynchronous Vert.x Applications in Kotlin

Looking at web development, Spring seems to be the star of most Kotlin articles and tutorials. This talk will explore an asynchronous alternative that is Vert.x and evaluate its production readiness. We’ll do that by writing a simple (but working) web API, with some neat Kotlin features to boot, and figure out what the benefits of using this framework are.

Thanks to Atlassian for providing the venue, pizza and beer, Lookahead Search for helping organise the event and JetBrains for the giveaways.