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A group for Android devs. The primary focus of this group is to host tech talks on a range of subjects pertaining to android and mobile development. There will also be the occasional pub night or show and tell night where we can meet for drinks and eats, and share what we are working on. All skill levels welcome.

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Seeking a New Group Organizer

Needs a location

Android Developers Calgary is seeking new leadership.
Below is a re-post of the message I sent to the group. Please read for further details. If you are interested in becoming the organizer for this group, please send me a message.


Android Developers Calgary,

Hello from your delinquent and absentee group organizer. I'd like to apologize to all of you for not properly maintaining this group, and thank you for your interest in this community. This message is an update on the future of this group.

The truth is that I don't do much native Android development these days, and while it still holds a place in my heart, I am not as involved with it as I used to be. I am also not very active on Meetup anymore. Consequently I feel I am no longer a good person to lead this group. However, I would prefer to not simply shut down the group unannounced. With 403 current members I feel the least I can do is let you all know I am stepping back, and attempt to hand the group off to a new organizer. I would love to find someone new to take care of you all and revitalize regular activities for Android Developers Calgary. If I am not able to do that, this group will be closed mid this year when my organizer dues are up for renewal.

If you are interested in taking over the role of organizer of this group, please send me a message here on meetup and let me know a bit about yourself and what qualifications you have that are relevant to this group. I will look over all the messages that I receive, but please forgive me if I take a while to respond.

When (If) I find someone to take over, I will follow up with a message to the group to keep you all in the loop before handing off responsibility to them.

Anyone who has questions, comments or wants to talk about building apps with fl*tter (yeah, I said it), feel free to message me here on meetup. I am happy to chat with you.

Thank you,

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