• Becoming Light: A 6-Day Retreat to Activate the Ascended Master in You

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    We are gathering together LIVE IN PERSON in the Grand Tetons of Majestic Wyoming for a 6-day event on October 3-8, 2022 as we take a most magical journey of...

    Becoming Light
    Activating the Master in You,
    Ascending to the Enlightened Self

    It's all happening October 3-8, 2022 in the stunningly, gorgeous and majestic Grand Teton Mountains at Jackson Hole, Wyoming
    JOIN US as you release the illusion of yourself as anything other than LIGHT, and Divinity in the flesh!
    During our 6-days together you'll become aware of yourself as more than simply human, but also as an empowered and divine Lightworkeer ready to take your place with the Councils of Supreme Beings
    During this 6-day In Person Event you will:

    • Discover how to connect with higher frequency realities and Unity Consciousness as we spend time in the company of amazing Ascended Masters Beings such as Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Kuthumi, Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Gautama Buddha, El Morya, Kuan Yin, and MANY OTHERS!
    • Be immersed in the care and offerings from these beloved Master Beings as we receive ascension initiations, activations, and packets of light codes to increase your own sense of becoming a Master of Light!
    • Learn how to "become" a Master of Light as you merge with your 'God, I Am Presence'
    • Connect with the Ascended Masters and receive instruction and information pertinent to your personal soul's journey
    • Use your conscious choice to rewrite the core of each of your patterns into Source Code– The Space of Source, The Consciousness of Source, The Light of Source and The Love of Source.

    Early Bird Pricing is HAPPENING NOW and you can grab your spot for this astonishing 6-day event

    The Grand Teton Mountain Range of northwestern Wyoming is the legendary Retreat of the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters. It is known to be the largest Ascended Master retreat within North America.

    It is believed that when the Great Masters gather here for Retreat it releases a flame of divine illumination and light of the Divine Mother onto the planet. By visiting this ancient retreat location physically, there is a powerful vortex of light whose energies can greatly accelerate your own ascension process.


    • 6 days, 7 nights at 4-star accommodations at Snake River Lodge in Teton Village, just outside of Jackson, Wyoming
    • Daily ascension workshops, life expanding sacred ceremonies, multiple excursions, including a trip on the gondola to top of the Tetons (ahh-mazing), wild animal safari, alpine lake excursion and hiking in the some of the most revered wilderness in the world!
    • Daily rituals, light code activations and energy work to allow for greater power and ability when working with the Ascended Masters
    • Healing sessions with The Council of Ascended Masters, Archangel Metatron & Divine Mother
    • Plenty of time for rest and relaxation, along with deep community connection and sharing
    • Free time for you to explore the Tetons, get a massage or rest in the high alpine hills and lake country!

    Angels Emerging East & West


  • Awakening the Medium: A 6-Week Mediumship Development Course

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    ##### Angels Emerging Awakening the Medium is a wonderfully easy and unique way to step onto your spiritual path.

    ##### Co-created with Archangel Metatron, Awakening the Medium is designed to introduce you to the profound art of spirit communication.

    ##### Our new, up-leveled mediumship program is designed to open the doors to Spirit, and awaken the medium within you!

    ##### YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO...

    • Discover and enhance your innate connection to spirits
    • Clear blocks that may prevent a clear connection
    • Open the door to spirits in a safe and powerful container
    • Learn to set boundaries with spirits


    • Awaken your natural telepathic abilities
    • Receive new tools for communicating clearly with those who have crossed
    • Understand and begin to receiving “evidentiary” information
    • Learn to decipher the unspoken messages

    ## "Embracing our inner medium reminds us that life is endless, boundless, and our loved ones are always available to us."

    One of our favorite mediums once said "...the art of mediumship is where two worlds meet. A medium acts as a bridge between those of us still in 3-D body and those who have crossed over into the spirit realm." A medium can bring comfort and peace to those that have lost loved ones. Metatron says embracing our inner medium reminds us that life is endless, boundless, and our loved ones are always available to us. What a beautiful gift you have to offer!

    ### Meets Thursdays

    ### October 27, November 3, 10, 17

    ### December 1, 8, 2022

    ### 5:00-6:30 PM Pacific

    ### 8:00-9:30 PM Eastern

    ### Live class meets on ZOOM

    ##### A recording will be made available if you have to miss a class!

    ### Our Awakening the Medium Program Will Help You …

    • BECOME confident and clear in your connections
    • INTRODUCE you to the profound art of Spirit Communication
    • FULLY IMMERSE into all aspects of mediumship, and the varying types
    • LEARN HOW TO ACT AS A BRIDGE between 3D and Spirit worlds
    • SHIFT your consciousness AND RAISE your vibration;
    • EXPAND & ELEVATE your professional tools if you are a practicing coach, practitioner, or healer!


    Payment plans available!