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We created this group (Atlanta Chapter) to help entrepreneurs succeed in all areas or marketing. • Marketing YOUR Investment Opportunity to Investors

• Marketing Your Product or Service

• Marketing YOUR Vision We Believe Great Marketing Guarantees Success! We are very unique in that we include a focus on raising capital from investors where entrepreneurs can meet and pitch investors on their business or idea. Our team has invested in and raised hundreds of millions of dollars in startup and early stage entrepreneurs over the last 30 years. Our Vision: To promote Cooperative Capitalism and build a large nationwide community of like minded entrepreneurs that have dreams of creating jobs, creating wealth and serving our fellow Americans. We hold FREE LIVE and in-person masterminds once a month to collaborate and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

WARNING: This group is for serious entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level by increasing their resources, expanding their knowledge, applying their skills and agreeing to a spirit of cooperation rather than mindset of competition. For those of you who apply to join, make sure you are ready to learn, grow and invest in yourself by applying the principles of successful entrepreneurs!! To Your Success,

Tracy & David Pyke, CEO Space Co-Presidents, Atlanta Area

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