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Our group is made for the developers, designers, and entrepreneurs that want to connect with like-minded people in their city! Join us for workshops, industry panel discussions, and more!

Angelhack organizes over 100+ hackathons a year, in 44 different countries, and 93 cities all around the world. But sometimes, instead of a hackathon, we just want to get together and discuss everything tech over some drinks!

Join us to create a variety of bridges to this ecosystem through innovative developer and designer workshops, panel discussions with influencers in your region or abroad, and even hackathons before the hackathon.


Join us on Slack - http://bit.ly/ah_slack

Tweet at us: @AngelHackIndia
Visit us: https://angelhack.com/
Partnerships: harish@angelhack.com

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Unbounded by Dell Technologies

Online event

Have you registered for Unbounded, our upcoming hackathon presented by Dell Technologies?

Compete in this three-day virtual hackathon and team up alongside fellow developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to win up to $10,000 in prizes! No purchase is required to enter.

Solve exciting challenges using Pravega, test your creativity, and collaborate with like-minded individuals to build meaningful solutions with this unbounded piece of technology.

Unleash your curiosity today!

Register now at: https://unboundedhackathon.com/?source=AHMeetupBangalore

(Pravega is an open-source storage system that exposes stream as the main primitive for continuous and unbounded data.)

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Jina X Virtual Hackathon

Online event

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