What we're about

AngelNet was formed as a community of private equity investors where members can meet high-quality, diverse investment opportunities.

It is comprised of serious investors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. Membership is by invitation only. AngelNet plans on keeping close relationships with venture capital (VC) firms, universities, and Investment Banking institutions. These relationships will facilitate the access to capital, talent, technology and resources needed to build successful ventures.

Investment Process

Network members provide early-stage capital in the range of $50K - $1M. AngelNet is not a fund and does not invest as an organization. Its members will collaborate on due diligence, but will make individual investment decisions.

Key Characteristics

1.Our goal is to become a nation-wide network of capital, resources and deal flow.

2.Although membership is by invitation only, there is no membership fees and no commitments attached.

3.AngelNet members will be able to invest in a myriad of opportunities including "brick and mortar" i.e. real estate. Our objectives are 70% technology investments and 30% non-technology opportunities.

4.Fellowship is planned to be enhanced not only through the social and community oriented activities but also through fun activities for and by the members, such as golf, tennis, hiking, educational field trips, etc.

As we move on, AngelNet hopes to interact and collaborate with other existing angel forums and investment communities throughout the country as well as similar organizations in the U.S and hopefully other countries.

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"State of the Seed" - announcing Maya VC

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Special event for very early stage start-ups

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