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We are looking for awesome Startups to come join Investible AngelPitch workshop on the 16th November in partnership with EdgeX as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW).

If you’re a startup looking for investment or wanting to practice your pitch this workshop is designed for you to be investor ready!

We are expanding our investment portfolio across Asia and looking to discover some awesome startups. Join the Investible (International) team for an innovative and energizing day to build or validate your business using Investible's Business Model Blueprint (BMB) methodology. This is a powerful tool that gives you a holistic picture of the key elements that go into delivering and communicating your business model to investors for investment capital. At the end of the day, you will pitch your idea/business to a friendly group of startups, mentors and investors.

Investment Capital
As an early-stage global investor (seed capital) we see over 1,000 pitch decks every single year and we have found the best way to understand the real potential of a startup business and founder will take more than a 45 min investment meeting. Having invested in over 70 startups we have developed our own unique IP that helps us discover great startups through this 1-day workshop.

This is a great opportunity to test your business, marketing and sales strategy with a room full of start-up mentors and experts. This workshop is perfect for delving deep into developing a business model for your startup and identifying gaps in your framework early, as well as how to address them.

This business model validation and pitch workshop is for high potential startups who are for planning for investment capital.

Why should I attend?
AngelPitch is the ideal event for those who:

• Are looking to raise capital for your Startup in any Industry.
• Have an authentic connection to the problem being solved and/or relevant experience making you the right person to develop this concept with the ability to execute on it.
• Learn the unique Investible Business Model Blueprint Methodology and printed canvas.
• Learn the 4 important aspects of a business to validate to ensure your business is desirable, viable, feasible and scalable.
• Interactive, fun learning environment
• Get exposure to examples of other high growth startups
• Get inspired by a panel of successful entrepreneurs

What is the Business Model Blueprint?
The Business Model Blueprint has been developed by successful entrepreneur Creel Price who has designed curriculum for the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship (http://bransoncentre.co.za/south-africa/), Investible (http://www.investible.com/) and Club Kidpreneur (https://www.theentropolis.com/). Those who are familiar with the Lean Canvas model will find the Business Model Blueprint more comprehensive and holistic in application. The Blueprint allows founders to develop not only their value proposition (desirability), but delivery proposition (feasibility) and financial proposition (viability), resulting in a business overview from which both a pitch and investor deck can be designed.

Why do I need to map out my business model?
For a startup business, creating a business plan is like creating a game plan in sports. You need to scout out all the information to create a winning strategy for the game. The Business Model Blueprint Methodology is a powerful tool to help entrepreneurs gain clarity on their business model. You will gain a holistic picture of the key elements that go into deriving and communicating your business model. This is crucial when developing a scalable business model and pitching to investors.

Benefits of attending AngelPitch:

• Exposure to a community of high-quality mentors, business leaders, experts, angel investors rarely found in the same place at the same time.

• Pitch face-to-face with an angel investor and receive personalised feedback.

• Meet like-minded entrepreneurs, attract business partnerships, and meet potential Investors.

• Receive a workbook and A3 printout of the Business model blueprint and elevator pitch formula (Only for Full workshop attendees and Day 1 attendees).

• Morning and Afternoon tea provided to Day 1 attendees

• Networking session for attendees with mentors, investors and the startup community

• Fingerprint4Success Tool & 90 min debriefing session (valued at S$880)
• Secure 1-1 investor meeting with Club Investible on the Investibility of your startup for a $200K-$500k term sheet
• 12 months subscription to the Business Model Blueprint online platform

Our Team
The day will be delivered and run by Head of Investible Asia Annie Luu, Anna C Mallon and Angel Investor Oliver Palmer who are actively looking for Startups to invest in by the end of 2019.


9:30am Registration & Welcome BMB Introduction

10:00am Value Proposition Part 1

11:00am Value Proposition Part 2

12:15pm Delivery Proposition Part 1

1:00pm Lunch Break (Lunch not included)

1:45pm Delivery Proposition Part 2

2:30pm Financial Proposition Part 1

3:15pm Afternoon Tea (provided)

3:45pm Financial Proposition Part 2

4:00pm Business Overview & Elevator Pitches

4:30pm Final 5 x Pitches

5:05 – 5:15pm Winners / Thank You

5.15 - 6:00pm Networking


"It was of immense value to me, and helped me greatly in clarifying my personal goals and my startup ideas.I'm going home with 10+ business cards from the networking alone, which is something I never expected. I have made some great new startup eco-system friends." - Paul. H (Startup Founder) Sydney

"I learnt a lot about strategy. We’re scaling at the moment, and the workshop helped me strategize at a higher level by looking at the business in the long-term and ensuring that it’s viable and scalable. I would recommend it to startups who have a prototype and are already on the market so they can develop a plan and establish the processes necessary in order to scale and present their business to investors. It’s an especially valuable workshop if they’re accountable to other stakeholders (clients, investors, etc), as it helps you work out the income streams in a clear fashion." - Christina. C (CEO 1Scope, raised $1M Seed capital) Sydney

Just attended a pitch competition in Sydney, can't express how glad I attended the pitch training with Annie and Yvonne and everyone else. The difference between pitches is HUGE. - Jack S Founder of SK8 Tech (Shanghai)

Thanks to our Innovation and Community Partners: edgex.co

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