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Special Cancer Full Moon Angel Messages w/ Sacred Sound & Light Tonight!

From: Christopher D.
Sent on: Saturday, July 12, 2014 10:22 AM


Please join us tonight at 6:45 at Carlsbad Village Yoga(see: as this will be a very special Full Moon event.

More about this Cancer Full Moon:

The Full Moon during the constellation of Cancer will be occurring on Saturday, July 12.  The exact timing of the full moon puts it under the governing complementary opposite energies of Capricorn. The Summer Solstice—the introduction of Cancer and one of the most powerful days of the year—occurs on June 21.  This is the Alchemical Marriage of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to MANIFEST a new way of being.

We will be coming together to prepare ourselves to receive and transmit the Divine Energies of Cancer, which are the energies of MANIFESTATION of the energies in the Divine Trinity of POWER, LIGHT and LOVE from the first three Full Moons of the astrological year—Aries, Taurus and Gemini.  The Cancer keynote concept is: “I build a house of Light and therein dwell.”

The Cancer Full Moon ceremony includes an orientation to the energies, an individual mini-chart reading or spirit message from Guidance, and a ceremony with a deep meditation to prepare you to work with the energies.

If Gemini represents the “Will to Good” (Love) to share the Power and Light of the Aries and Taurus full moons, then Cancer is the next logical step: “The Will to Cause” (Manifest).  Referring back to the Great Invocation, what will you do with this trinity of Love, Light and Power to restore the Plan on Earth?  In other words what will you do with this Trinity to co-create for your highest good and the highest good of all others?

For more information, read on…

Why Full Moons Are So Important
The Full Moons are times when the maximum amount of light within a constellation (the normal light from the sun and the largest reflection of the full moon) are hitting the earth.

Because humans are essentially lunar beings (remember female cycles and human fertility cycles) and the fact that we are all over 3Ž4 water... we are inherently affected by the moon as a species, as are the Earth (which is 3Ž4+ water) and the tides.

Just ask anyone who works in a police station, hospital, mental institution, school, restaurant, spiritual practice or with a large population—and they will tell you what they observe every full moon.  The truth that I know is that you can evolve by design or by default—and the choice is up to you!  I recommend evolving by design—i.e.: conscious intention—rather than letting the world at large design your intention by “defaulting” or entraining to a prevailing consciousness or energy that doesn’t reflect your intention.

In accordance with Natural Law, Light amplifies whatever it hits (“good” or “bad”), so it is up to us to work consciously with these energies and co-create that which we intend for our highest good... Or the energies will simply ricochet around in our lives and amplify “whatever” they hit.

It is valuable to know this, because where there is more Light, there is more Shadow.  I’m using the Jungian and Shamanistic definition of Shadow here, which refers to unconscious belief systems that cause disharmony, disease and imbalance within ourselves and our lives.

How Full Moons Influence You in Your Life
This is easy to figure out.  Just Google "Free Astrological Chart" bring it to the ceremony to see where Cancer and Capricorn are activating in various areas of your chart and your life.  This can lead to many insights and make it easier to work with the energies.

I found a couple of cool sites to get very easy to read FREE astrological charts from:

Astrolabe –


Chaos Astrology –

Cancer / Capricorn Full Moon and The Grand Cross

The exact timing of the day of this full moon puts it in the sign of Capricorn, which naturally is opposite of Cancer on the Zodiacal wheel.  So heart / mind connected, higher self / lower self connected, emotionally open and home-loving Cancer is opposed, balanced and complemented by Capricorn… the high-altitude, detached, spiritually aspirational sign that is governed by Saturn, the planet of kharma, boundaries, and limitations, which teaches us through experience, realities, struggle and hardship.

Cancer and Capricorn are parts of the Grand Cross of Aries at the Spring Equinox, (Fire), Libra at the Autumnal Equinox (Air), Cancer at the Summer Solstice (Water), and Capricorn at the Winter Solstice (Earth).  It’s like dividing the year into the quarters of a clock.

So this Full Moon further stimulates the natural tension around cardinal signs – especially Cancer and Capricorn.

This is a moon that challenges us deeply to look at what we have manifested in our lives (Cancer / Moon / Manifestation) based on the choices that we have made until now (Capricorn / Saturn / Kharma)… and to decide how we will move forward.

The Cancer Full Moon – Energies of Love and The Will To Cause / Do Good
Cancer is natively governed by the Moon, which makes this a very potent full moon of the Zodiacal year.  This moon is the last of the series of the four most powerful full moons of the year.   It is about manifestation and realization as the result of THE WILL TO CAUSE.

Cancer is initiated by the Alchemical Marriage of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine each year at the Summer Solstice.  Since time immemorial, the Solstices have been celebrated as the most powerful and potent times of the year.

The Governing Ray is 4th ray energy of the Heart Chakra—Harmony Through Conflict.  Please keep that in mind.

The last three moons of Aries, Taurus and Gemini have built up a Trinity of Manifestation Energy, built with Love, Light and Power.  Gemini is the third of the important initial annual trinity of full moons building up for Manifestation in the remainder of the year: Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

In Aries, the Earth (and You) are awakened by the charge of Cosmic POWER that awakens everything to Spring and to be born anew.  This is the Festival of Resurrection that forms the basis for the Pagan rites of Spring and the Christian rites of Easter.  The Full Moon of Aries is the first Full Moon after the Equinox, and Easter is always the first Sabbath after the Aries Full Moon. The sign is Fire, as in the vehicle that burns away the old and charges new life.

In Taurus, the Earth receives the charge of LIGHT, in the form of Enlightenment, which is received at a higher level by the resurrected / born anew vehicle.  Traditionally, this full moon is associated with the Enlightenment of Siddhartha Guatama, the Buddha.  The sign is Earth, as in the vehicle (you) that receives Enlightenment.

In Gemini, that POWER and LIGHT have been transmuted / transformed by our bodies into LOVE — expressed as the WILL TO GOOD for the highest good of all.  So we take the LIGHT and POWER that we have received and manifest it in expressions of LOVE and/ or GOODWILL that we share with others and the planet.

Summer Solstice / Alchemical Marriage
The cusp or intersection of Gemini and Cancer is the Alchemical Marriage of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine at the Summer Solstice. They come together and the conscious energy is given birth to, or brought into manifestation at a new level of BEING in the constellation of Cancer, which is represented by the seed thought “I build a house of light and therein dwell.”

All of this was intensified this year by the very rare series of the Grand Cross Alignment we just experienced.

Now is the time of Manifestation, which will unfold in the way we live our lives.   This is the outcome of the Alchemical Marriage of our Personality Selves, made up of the three so-called Lower bodies of physical, emotional and metal (first three chakras) ... and the Higher Self, made up of the three so-called Higher bodies of Atmic, Monadic and Divine (upper three chakras).  They all meet at the center of Unconditional Love in Cancer at the 4th chakra:  The Sacred Heart.  This is our home that we create each year.

Interestingly enough, Cancer is governed by the Ray of Harmony Through Conflict at the 4th Chakra and characterized by the color green.  If you want a common Western mythology, then go for “the Wizard of Oz.”   You have a Spiritual Seeker (physical body) who meets beings who represent the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies—Light / Scarecrow (Enlightenment) Love / Tin Man (Will to Good) and Power / Lion (Courage).  They journey along the Yellow Brick Road (the golden road of the Antakarana) to the Emerald City (which represents the Emerald 4th Chakra of Unconditional Love).

Then, in a very Cancerian twist, Dorothy had the power to go HOME all along.  But she had to go through the spiritual journey to create a new sense of home.

I think that it is also interesting to note that the native color of Cancer is Green / Emerald.  It seems to be a mitigating sign (Harmony through Conflict via the 4th Ray that helps us to manifest that which we desire on our path, in “the houses of our life” for the remainder for the year.

Cancer / Sense of Self and Home
Cancer governs the Home… and Cancer is the Moon where we define how the rest of the year will unfold within the “home” of our bodies and lives, so it is a vitally important moon.  This is a time to ponder and plan for how we will build our lives for the rest of the year.  What are you and your days going to BE?

There are many traditions that teach that it is only our own perceptions of “separativeness” that define our ideas of “that which is self” (inside the skin) and “that which is not self” (outside the skin.)  When consciousness is raised and therefore a heightened sense of interaction, unity and interconnected flow, the lines become blurred.  What  / Who Am I?  How do I define my home internally and externally?

Traditionally, the mantra of Cancer is “I build a house of Light and therein dwell.”  We unite the Light, Love and Power of the last three moons into “the will to manifest.  They form the building blocks with which we build our Bodies of Light — the presence of Divine Consciousness that will be the place through which we live the rest of the year... The place that protects us, keeps us secure and is the place we look out from to view and experience the world... and all that is.  And that’s on 7 levels, which correspond to the 7 chakras, the 7 bodies and the 7 planes of reality.

In other words, it defines our consciousness made manifest. Pretty big stuff.  To understand the role of this full moon, it’s vitally important to note:  In the month that the Sun is in Cancer, we are receptive to the energies of ALL of the Zodiacal Signs.  That is how we have access to all of the energies we need in order to use our “will to manifest” to build the houses that we will live in for the rest of the year.

Some people underestimate the power of Cancer.  As a native Cancer, I never do.

Working With The Unconditional Field
We aspire as Light Workers (the ones who hold the consciousness between the physical and the spiritual worlds) to build our intuition temples (levels of consciousness) on the unconditional plane (4th level—governed by Cancer).  This is on the “Christos” or “Buddhic” plane that the Poet Rumi referred to when he said “There is a field where there is no right or wrong.  Will you meet me there?”

We build this unconditional field bit by bit... And we learn to hold that unconditional vibrational field / level of consciousness more and more, for longer periods of time. Please don’t go into judgement or black and white thinking about it... I urge you to just be grateful for the time that you can go there... That’s what Cancer is about. Gradually building our Houses of Light.  It’s about Kai Zen… which in Japanese means Small Steps.

And it’s also about the truth of the Holographic model of the Universe—that there are (according to Hermetic Philosophy) 7 levels of reality and 7 levels of consciousness at each of those levels.  So be open to acknowledging that you may have some other higher levels that would be good to tune into, that you might benefit from.

This year, it may be challenging, because of all the things I discussed earlier.  Capricorn represents the pain and wounding of sacrifice at a 4th chakra / renunciation (eastern traditions) or crucifixion (western traditions) level.  Love we have lost, denied or sacrificed for…  and how you have used / are using that to create your own suffering—or salvation.

Free will reigns.  This is a challenging time when you may be very sensitive and opening yourself up to the new insights that the pain of shadow can bring.

My best advice is for you to go easy on yourself, practice extreme self-love and boldly enter into it to see what lessons and treasures lie there. And there will be many…  The good news is… you have lots of help on this. (Thank goodness!)

As Lightworkers, we work particularly on our 4th level temple, which is the Temple of Love and Beauty.  It’s important to remember that it doesn’t comply with normal physical laws.  Once our intuitional light temple is built, we will have:


  • Continuity of consciousness
  • Realization of immortality
  • Awareness of the Hierarchy. 

This brings us contact with the” Anointed Beings” of the Hierarchy, who connect us with Divine Consciousness.  This is the essence of the sacred contract that those of us who have agreed to be the connectors / conduits of Divine Consciousness have made.

“Houses of Light” refers to the bodies of the so-called “Lower body” which are the houses of physical, emotional and mental.  The doorways or portals to these houses are the chakras.  They can also refer to the “Houses of Light” of the “Higher Self” and the connecting “Unconditional” House of Light, which is the Sacred Heart of the 4th chakra.  This is the “House” that is native to Cancer.  This is an appropriate time to work with cleansing, clearing, balancing or clearing any of those houses—as you feel impressed to do so.

Please ponder on this in mediation.
Cancer also embodies the seventh ray —the ray of ceremonial magic, which is called:

  • The creator of form
  • One who feeds the sacred fire
  • The Revealer of Beauty 

Consider on the Tree of Life that Tiphareth (the 4th chakra) means Beauty... And that the key to access it is Unconditional Love.  Because that which we Love is always Beautiful in our eyes.

In Closing
In the energy of Cancer, the disciple scientifically works and creates the form. He / She tries to feed the sacred fire or sacred light and tries to manifest Light as Beauty.  Beauty in our life is the manifestation of “Christos” Energy – otherwise known as “the Anointed” Energy or Divine Consciousness.

This is an extension of the Alchemical Marriage that happens at the Solstice – the mystic fusion of Matter and Spirit —the fusion of the Lower Self with the Divine Consciousness of Higher Self and Source.  With the Seventh Ray energy , we create a corresponding field of Service to All.  And ponder this—it is just by being (holding the focus of your own consciousness) rather than by doing.

Take care... May you have an amazing remainder of the Zodiacal year, full of love, joy, laughter, healing, growth, and amazing, surprising and wonderful adventures!

Many Blessings,
-Lisa Lockhart

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