Archangels: Who They Are And How To Work With Them-This Month: Archangel Gabriel

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This will be a monthly class. Each month we will be learning about a different Archangel.

As God’s first creations, Archangels are Supreme Beings. They have been working with mankind from the very beginning as supervisors of the Angelic Realm and guardians of the human race.
These loving and compassionate celestial beings can help us navigate our lives, opening us to our higher purpose on this Earth. Archangels help us evolve by assisting us in healing ourselves. They help us create loving relationships among ourselves and others and enhance our oneness with the Divine and Mother Earth. Archangels are very concerned with world affairs. They can help us understand how we can individually and collectively nurture our world and all beings upon it, leading us towards creating Shamballa.
This class will introduce you to the Archangels and help you to develop a relationship with them. In each class you will:
• Learn about and work with an Archangel
• Do a meditation leading to connecting with the Archangels
• Learn which crystals and colors are associated with each Archangel
• Receive a prayer to bring home and use for their guidance and assistance
They are ready and willing to help you now. All levels welcome.