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Formerly KaranAngel's Bensalem Meetup, this MeetUp has grown beyond Karan to include many angelic healers, teachers and motivational speakers to bring the community together. Together these experts help you find your way in the world, learn more about our many levels as humans, and understand the different realms we experience daily. Facilitators are naturally talented and have had extensive training to fine tune their knowledge base and skill. Here you will find events to promote friendship such as pot lucks, road trips, workshops to increase self awareness and transform your life, meditation nights, healing days and retreat days to soothe while invigorating every part of you. All of this is guided by the angels, and there are many events to help bring you closer to your angels, guides and ancestors. We offer both free/donation events and for fee events.

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Soul Messages for the Solstice

Online event


Soul Messages for the Solstice

Have the past two years caught you off guard? Are you looking for your path or the next steps in your adventure called life?

Soul Messages offers a link to which angels are working most closely with you, what call has been initiated for you, and includes help with making decisions.

This healing and uplifting session will answer your questions while offering guidance and awakening where needed.

Summer Solstice is one of two strongest healing times of any year. It's a perfect time to clear away negativity.

Bring your questions or just let the angels speak.


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Summer Solstice Angelic Bowls and Crystals

2780 Bristol Pike


Start your summer with a Summer Solstice Group Healing

Immerse yourself in angelic healing as never experienced before. Angelic Bowls and Kabbalistic Crystals raise, soothe and smooth you mind, body, spirit, and soul during this energetic spa healing event. Brought to you by Tina D’Alicandro of Energy Lift and Joe Neff of Angels Galore.

We welcome the group with a healing meditation. The angels are called in and the lull of the bowls starts, enveloping the group. Personal vibrations rise as Tina walks the group, using sound healing on each individual. Because you are in a group setting, the vibrations are healing for everyone, soothing and smoothing as they expand. Once sound healing has occurred, Joe walks the group using crystals as indicated by the Kabbalistic Angels. This energy permeates you through to the soul to seal out negativity, anchor positive energy, and align your multi levels.

The event ends with a group sealing of all healing energies.

Feel free to bring a mat to lay on if you'd like. We have floor pillows and chairs. Due to Covid restrictions, space will be limited.


Reserve your Space here: www.paypal.me/angelsgalore

Summer Solstice Four Corner Angelic Healings and Readings with Janet

2780 Bristol Pike


Summer Solstice is one of only two most powerful days each year to receive a healing.

The angels of the four corners offer healing, balancing, blessings and messages for all areas of your life - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. They also offer guidance to strengthen you on your path, and address your individual needs. Janet connects you with each of the four angels and offers messages.

If you feel called to this particular healing, the angels are calling to connect with you.

Sessions last 30-40 minutes, $75

In Person or Remote

Offered by Janet Fongheiser, Certified Angelic Healer and Advanced Pranic Healer

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Have You Ever Lived Before?

2780 Bristol Pike


Have you lived before?

This four week past lives course explores the theories of past lives.

Each class begins with a discussion and ends with a regression exercise. The final class we will go to the life we all lived together. (If you are called to this class, you were in the "group.")

Tonight we will be discussing relationship and karma. The relationships we have right now and karma we are going through (not always bad) , where is stems from will be tonight's regression.

$20/class take one or all four. $60 for the series.

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Mondays, 7:30pm beginning 6/14/21

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