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Healing Soul and Spirit after Divorce: Betrayal, Longing and Peace.

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Living through divorce or loss of a significant relationship has many challenges. In order to meet these challenges you need to find within yourself the neutrality of acceptance. The acceptance of this loss in your life is for your sanity and healing. When you can reach the “calm” of accepting what is, you can access the innovative part of yourself. When you are able to access that thinking, you will see and create more choices for yourself and your family.

Reaction and Rebound. When in a painful transition our entire body, mind, emotional self want to “make this right.” You want to feel better about your life no matter what it takes. This reaction can lead to more pain and no gain.

We will discuss steps you can take to help you find acceptance and peace of mind.
• A simple calming meditation
• Creative visualization to view your pathway options
• Choosing your Soul Family: recognizing you are not alone
• Healing and balancing your Sacral Chakra, the creative sexual energy center

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