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Hello ngBangalorians,

Angular (angular.io) is progressing and so are we…

We are a group of professionals who are enjoying the brand new framework from Google. While working on this excellent technology, we thought why not add similar folks to our tribe. So if you

• 1. Are working on Angular 1.x and planning to migrate to Angular 4 or 5

• 2. Are interested in learning this technology from the people who are working on it already.

• 3. Feel that coding is not just a job, its the way of life.

• 4. Already a master and ready to mentor thousands of us.

• 5. Working on any angular project or planning to start.

Our initial plan is to build a strong (not big) and competent angular group based out of Bangalore India.

Our goals:

1. Remain updated: As you might have noticed that we have started directly with Angular 2 (angular.io) which is the most updated version of Angular framework. We will do anything to keep us updated in Angular.

2. Be the best: There are ’n’ number of ways to solve a problem but we will take the best way. Our definition of the best is customer centric. If we have to build a system which is very complex to implement (have to writhe lots of algorithms, code, learn no of things, research and development etc) but very easy for the end user to use we call it ’THE BEST’ system.

Again if there is a system which is very easy to implement and very easy for end user to use (which ideally don’t happen), we will prefer that as well.

Our plan to be a type of Angular professional who makes a positive difference (no matter where she or he work)

3. Be ruthless to the problem but respectful to each other.

4. Have fun.

In the meantime, we can start discussing our problems / concerns by clicking the link below


We have initiated few discussions to start with. You can add your own and get the answers from the people you know and can connect with.



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