Create a Trello like app with Angular and GraphQL | Fanis Prodromou

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What comes to your mind when you think of client-server communication? I bet REST. Right? There is another alternative which listens to GraphQL. In this talk, Fanis will explain the differences between REST and GraphQL, how we can use the Apollo state management in our Angular application, and finally, how we can create a straightforward Trello app.

Fanis is a Senior Software Engineer with a passion for Front End development with Angular. He has developed vast experience in code quality, application architecture, and application performance.

Being aware of how rapidly computer science and the tech aspects evolve, he tries to stay up to date by attending conferences and meetups by studying and trying new technologies. He loves to share his knowledge and help other developers.

He works in the ARCHITECHTS company as a Front-End Lead; he is a co-organizer of the Angular Athens meetup, he teaches Angular in Code.Hub and currently, he is authoring the book "Mastering Angular Reactive Forms".

He enjoys spending time with his two cats, hikes, and scuba dive in his free time.

You can reach out to Fanis any time on his Twitter account @prodromouf

Have you used GraphQL in Angular? Come and share your experience with us.