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If you use or are interested in learning about Angular then this is the place for you. We want to discuss all things Angular; like what can we do with the current version and what should we expect with the next version. If you have a passion or even a passing interest in Angular we want you. While not everyone wants to present we want to hear from you. Suggest meetups on topics for which you are interested, and maybe someday you'll see a topic that you want to present upon yourself. Angular has a big ecosystem and a large user base. Let's keep Chicago from lagging behind in community involvement. If you want to be part of the discussion join us as we share our own unique knowledge and ideas about how to use Angular in our work and our hobby projects.

Note to companies looking to tap into our community for prospects:

If you'd like to promote your company or project you MUST do so in person or online( if we are virtual). We will gladly give you 5 minutes at the beginning of any event to make your pitch. If you present a topic for the Meetup group you can make your pitch every 3rd word if you'd like :), as long as you are there to do it in person.

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