• Testing Patterns and Antipatterns in Angular

    Angular provides a dependable structure for MVVM component architecture and allows Engineers to get up and running quickly. Unfortunately, though Angular does come with a test-runner set up, it leaves most of the remaining decisions about testing at the door. Additionally, Angular’s compilation step can complicate how tests have to be initialized. During this talk, I’ll be taking a look at my experience with TestBed and discuss techniques I’ve refined to abstract some of these patterns to make testing in Angular a little easier, as well as point out some anti-patterns I’ve encountered which have made testing more difficult. This talk will be presented by Rob Hameetman, Software Engineer @ The Graide Network (https://www.thegraidenetwork.com/)

  • State Management in React vs. Angular


    Memory is cheap, and browsers are powerful; the front end can handle more data processing and storage than ever before. As more powerful web applications arise in lieu of diminishing browser constraints, we find ourselves in need of equally powerful state management solutions in order to minimize development complexities. In this talk, we’ll hone in on specific state management tools and approaches that will offer immediate benefits to your Angular and React applications, and cover implementation differences between the two frameworks. We’ll also explore broader state management concepts that are applicable to any framework. Guest Speaker, Sua Yoo, will be presenting on how statement management differs between in the context of React versus Angular. Sua is a Frontend Engineer at Telnyx, where she led the transition from Angular to React on their organizations' internal tools portal. Sua has deep experience across both Angular, React, and Node. Prior to her role at Telnyx, was an engineer in Leo Burnett Interactive and over 4 years of freelance web development experience. • What to bring Bring questions, a friend, and an open mind! • Important to know - Pizza and soda will be provided. - Please arrive at 6PM. Sua's presentation will start at 6:30, to leave time for discussion at the end. - Please RSVP as space is limited - Dial #650 on the call box to be buzzed in. PSA: Packback is hiring for for a Midlevel Frontend Engineer to join our team. We'd love to meet anyone in your network who is looking for their next work-home.

  • Unit and Integration Testing in Angular 2+

    Talener Group

    Along with Angular's new version comes some new automated testing tools and strategies. In this talk, I'll talk about why you should be testing, I'll offer up a multi-tiered testing strategy for Angular applications, and finally I'll show some examples of how to write and execute tests in Angular. We will use the Angular CLI (which bundles Karma, Jasmine, Typescript, and Angular 4), but the philosophy should be applicable to any frontend setup. About the presenter Karl Hughes: I'm the CTO of The Graide Network, where we use Angular to help elementary school teachers get help grading their papers. I've managed teams in education technology startups for the past 5 years, and am a total nerd for automation and testing.

  • Reactive programming in AngularJS and Angular 2

    Reactive programming (ReactiveX) is becoming quite the hot topic. Angular extensively relies on this programming technique. So, what is it? Is it just a different form of promises and events? Let's learn together about what we need to know so that we can use it now?

  • Typescript, ES2015/16/17 or ES5 and Angular 2

    There are a few flavors of JavaScript out there that the Angular team is supporting. Which of them is the right choice? Is there a right choice? Let's find out what benefits each of these JS flavors provide. Our Presenter: Our presenter for this topic will be our esteemed organizer Pete Clodi. Pete is the Senior Frontend Engineer at Packback. He is a passionate developer who thinks Angular is just Aces, and believes that any of its flaws and shortcomings are just adorable quirks. He hopes to infect all who attend the meetup with this same enjoyment of the Angular framework as he shows how any of the common flavors of JavaScript can be used to bring out it's goodness.