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Angular-IL November Meetup!
Join us for another great Angular IL Meetup, hosted at the awesome new prime offices of Hi-Bob! ************ What's on the agenda: 18:30 Meet & Mingle 19:00 Overview - What's new in Angular V7 - Eliran Eliassy 19:10 Injection Tokens, DI and custom libraries - Eliran Eliassy, Web Developer & Trainer @ 500tech 19:40 Break 20:00 Climbing up injector trees - Uri Shaked, Google Developer Expert for Angular 20:40 Raffle! 2 Free WebStorm Licenses! ************ About the talks and the speakers: Injection Token, DI and libraries: Angular projects can expand quickly and become a real nightmare for maintenance. Since V-6, Angular is now easy with creating custom libraries, but we still need to take care on building our libraries in a way we can reuse and communicate with other applications in our organisation. In this talk we will walk through the right way to build an Angular project architecture, how we can use the ng-packger and the DI and to provide different type of Injection Tokens(what are injection tokens?) and how actually to inject them and pass configurations from outside your project. Eliran is an experienced Front End developer, specialised in B2C applications. Web Developer & Trainer @ 500tech *** Climbing up injector trees Dependency Injection is at the heart of Angular. We don't even think about it too much — we ask for a dependency, we get it. However, once our app grows and we have multiple NgModules, lazy loading and use third party components, things start to get more complex. In this session, you will learn about ElementInjector and ModuleInjector, how they work together, and the two-pass dependency resolution process. Did we mention it is going to be fun? 💉🌲 About Uri Shaked Uri Shaked is a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies. He loves combining his passion for the web with his love for hardware electronics and robotics in challenging and amusing IoT projects, which he shares with the world in his blog, as well as travelling around the world and speaking in conferences and meetup. Among his interests are reverse engineering, hardware hacking, neuroscience, playing music and Salsa dancing. ************ About our host: bob is a people management platform that helps forward thinking businesses bring out the best in their employees. The company was founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs who, after years of leadership roles in ambitious businesses and high-growth start-ups, realised that many companies end up neglecting their single most important strategic asset: their people. So bob was born to give smart modern businesses a better way of ‘doing HR’ to attract and keep real talent.

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Angular is the most popular front-end framework in the world. It is used for building web & hybrid apps using JavaScript or Dart ( With a great functionality, a massive and active community, hundreds of tools & libraries, Angular raises web development to a more professional level.

This a group is intended for web developers or designers interested in exploring Angular. Today we are also leading all information related to the transition towards a very different Angular 2 ( Whether you are a beginner passionate about making your first apps or an advanced javascript enthusiast, this place is for you.

We are open to ideas for talks from full talks or even just a 5-minute lightning talk on anything AngularJS related. Done something cool with Angular? Show us!

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5min - Lightning Talks. The idea is NOT to give a big flashy demo of a finished application, but rather to briefly introduce yourself and show something you ran into using AngularJS.

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