AngularJS-IL #12 — AngularJS & Microsoft

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Brought to you by 500Tech ( — Leading AngularJS consultancy.

We can ensure chairs only for people who RSVP'd. If you didn't have a chance to RSVP you can still come but we might not have a free chair for you. Entrance will be opened first for people who RSVP'd, so please update your status if you can't come.


We will hold a raffle at the end of the meetup. This time six of you will have a chance to win one of:

— Two pluralsight yearly subscriptions
— Two pluralsight monthly subscriptions
— Two WebStorm licenses.

Thanks to JetBrains ( and Pluralsight ( for these awesome goodies!


Meet & Greet

[Large Hall] Building End-to-End SPA Using TypeScript (Gil Fink (, sparXys)
[Small Hall] Consuming ASP.NET Web API with WebSockets (Maayan Glikser (, 500Tech)

Pizza Break (Thanks to Wix (

[Large Hall] Angular On ASP.NET MVC 6 (Noam Kfir (, Sela)
[Small Hall] Angular In The New IDE — Visual Studio Code (Michael Haberman (, Freelancer)


Talks Details

Building End-to-End SPA Using TypeScript
Gil Fink, sparXys

Creating cross-platform, application-scale JavaScript code that runs in any browser or in any host is very hard. TypeScript is a programming language that changes that situation. In the session you will see how to build an end-to-end SPA using TypeScript, node.js and AngularJS.

Angular In The New IDE - Visual Studio Code
Michael Haberman, Freelancer

Microsoft has released a brand new IDE named Visual Studio Code. Wait, why? Visual Studio is a solid IDE, why new one? In this talk we will explain why Microsoft created a new IDE. As AngularJS developers we are going to love it! Things like Intellisense, debugging, git integration, code navigation are going to be fairly easy in this IDE.

Spoiler alert, the entire talk is going to use OSX (mac) only.

Angular On ASP.NET MVC 6
Noam Kfir, Sela

The next version of ASP.NET is more than just a minor upgrade. The surface may seem familiar, but the underlying framework represents nothing less than a paradigm shift. Rewritten from scratch to support modern tooling and guidelines, ASP.NET MVC 6 can run just about everywhere and has a ton of features designed to support SPAs, including Angular apps. In this talk, we'll focus on running Angular apps on ASP.NET MVC 6, starting with the rich tooling support in Visual Studio and working our way through a bunch of different features and techniques we can use to organize, build and debug our Angular apps.

Consuming ASP.NET Web API with WebSockets
Maayan Glikser, 500Tech

We will talk about using websockets as our primary method for consuming APIs and show the advantages and disadvantages of websockets over AJAX requests and how can we use them with ASP.NET Web API.