AngularJS-IL #13 — Forms and Third-party Libraries

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Brought to you by 500Tech ( — Leading AngularJS consultancy.

RSVP will be opened a week before the meetup, on July 15th, 18:00.

The hall will be opened first for the people who RSVP'd yes, so they can grab their chair. People on the waitlist can enter the hall a few minutes before the first talk. Everyone is invited to the lobby to meet other great people in the community

We are still beta-testing our new member system. Please ask one of the organizers to check you in as you arrive to the meetup, so your attendance will be counted. Thank you :)


We will hold a raffle at the end of the meetup. This time six of you will have a chance to win one of:

— Three pluralsight monthly subscriptions
— Three JetBrains licenses.

Thanks to JetBrains ( and Pluralsight ( for these awesome goodies!


Meet & Greet

Directives Tips & Techniques (Nir Kaufman (, 500Tech)

Form of Art: The Basics (Shmuela Jacobs (, 500Tech)

Coffee Break

Third-party Libraries (Adam Klein (, 500Tech)

Raffle & Goodbyes

Talks Details

Directives Tips & Techniques
Nir Kaufman, 500Tech

In 20 minutes, Nir will show you some insights, tips and techniques for developing rocking Angular directives.

Form of Art: The Basics
Shmuela Jacobs, 500Tech

Form of Art is a series of lectures, covering various aspects of building wonderful forms in AngularJS. In this talk we will go over the basics best practices: form structure, submission, validation and ngMessages.

Third-party Libraries
Adam Klein, 500Tech

Choosing the right third-party library for AngularJS app can mean life-or-death for weeks of precious coding.

In this talk we will go over some recommended libraries, learn how to encapsulate libraries correctly, how to choose the right ones, and when it's good to rewrite something yourself.


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