Angular: Back to The Future


What's new in Angular 1.5 / Real use case from a real Angular 2 project / How Angular2 can improve your Angular 1.x apps today. Meet the AngularJS experts and get answers, information and guidance, reserve your space:

Hi everyone! We want to provide more additional value to the community and this time we are piloting a program called “Experts Bar”. We will have a few 15-minute spots that you can use for any questions about your projects or just to chat about technology. Reserve your spot:

Schedule :

18:00 Meet and greet

18:15 What's New in Angular 1.5
Shmuela Jacobs (, 500Tech

18:45 Coffee Break

19:00 Dynamic Component Loader
Noam Mazuz, 888

19:15 How Angular2 Can Improve Your Angular 1.x Apps Today
Nir Kaufman (, 500Tech

20:00 Raffle & Goodbyes

What's New in Angular 1.5 (30min)
Shmuela Jacobs, Web Developer @ 500Tech

Angular 1.5 was released just recently, making it one step closer to Angular2. We'll go over the most important and interesting changes. This is neither a maintenance nor a minor release, as this update packs many new and cool features, preparing you to migrate to Angular 2 more easily.

Dynamic Component Loader With Angular2 (15min)

Noam Mazuz, Senior Front-end Developer @ 888

On 888 we develop a new platform based on Angular2. One of the challenges we encounter was to give our partners the ability to customize their application.During this talk i'll share the solution that we came with: building a dynamic component loader using angular2.

How ‪ ( Can Improve Your Angular 1.x Apps Today (45 min)

Nir Kaufman, Head of Angular Development @ 500tech

While we all wait for Angular2 to be ready, Angular1 is powering thousands of single page applications today. By adopting Angular2 concepts and applying them to our Angular1 application, we can win two prizes at once: Make our code cleaner, maintainable and modular while getting ready for a future migration to Angular2 when it is ready.

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