Data Architecture In Angular2 with Redux (advanced talk)



Join Nir Kaufman to a session about architecture.

This talk will focus on Redux, including when to use it and how it can be used with Angular2, based on my personal experience implementing this pattern on a real-world Angular2 application.

Redux is an architectural pattern inspired by Flux, which introduces a unidirectional data-flow and a predictable state container that scales. It's a mind-blowing alternative to the popular MVC pattern, and solves a lot of issues in an elegant and clean way.

This is not a 'Hands-on' workshop, but you can bring your laptop if you'd like to follow the live coding examples.


• Introduction - developing a complex SPA

• Redux overview & API

• coffee break

• Project structure - Angular2 / Redux

• Implementing common scenarios

• Next steps and goodbye

Starter projects:

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