Angular Architecture Workshop - Creating an Angular app with MobX

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Angular Architecture Workshop - Creating a sane and performant large scale Angular app with MobX - by Adam Klein , CTO of 500Tech.

Why you need this workshop

In this workshop we will learn how to manage a large scale application's state outside the component tree. It will allow us to keep our components single-purposed and decoupled, and also make all our business logic testable.

What is MobX?

MobX gives us tools to react to changes in plain objects, and also to have computed values recalculated for us when needed. Using MobX we will be able to write our apps in a way that's both sane, and highly performant.

As opposed to Redux, MobX handles plain objects and saves you all the hassle of handling immutable objects, and defining actions, reducers, middlewares etc.

Angular 1 or Angular 2?

The workshop is focused on MobX, which you can apply to both Angular 1 and Angular 2. The examples I will show in the workshop will be using Angular 2, but I'll show how to connect to Angular 1 as well.


This is a hands-on workshop, so you are welcome to bring your laptop.

npm install -g angular-cli
git clone [masked]:500tech/angular-mobx-workshop.git (or
cd angular-mobx-workshop
ng serve

visit localhost:4200 and make sure you see "app works!"