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Get ready for another evening of Angular Awesomeness! With great talks, pizzas, beers, and good people! Hosted at the HQ of HoneyBook!

This time we have 3 speakers for you!


18:00 - Meet & Mingle

18:30 - Boris Dinkevich - Angular 1 Under The Hood

19:05 - Pizza break!

19:20 - Nir Kaufman - Dynamic Components (4.x)

19:45 - Monthly Raffles! + JS-Poland Raffle!

We are giving away 2 Jetbrains licenses and 1 FREE TICKET TO ANGULARUP!


Angular 1 Under The Hood - Boris Dinkevich, CEO at 500Tech

Learn how Angular 1 works under the hood. Digest loop, what is it really? Join a live coding session where we will build Angular.. from scratch!

Dynamic Components (Advanced) - Nir Kaufman - GDE, Head of Angular at 500Tech

Enter the Matrix.

Let's take a look under the hood of Angular compiler, modules and component creation.

Let's gain practical knowledge that you can use in your projects.

I will also give tips on how to keep your hair healthy and strong.