Step Up Your Angular!


Learn how to work faster and more efficiently, with great tips by top developers!


18:30 - Gathering
19:00 - Advanced Performance Techniques - Tzook Shaked
19:30 - Break
19:50 - Testing your Angular Code Efficiently - Uri Shaked
20:20 - Do it with style! (in Angular) - Nir Kaufman

20:30 - Special Surprise + JetBrains Licenses raffle + free ReactNext ticket raffle!

Advanced Performance Techniques - Tzook Shaked
* Does your page feel slow when you scroll through your lists? * Do you see the browser flickering often when you interact with it? * Have you wished you could load your application much faster? Well, then this talk is just for you! Join a talk that introduces practical techniques to improve your application's performance. Bring your notepad with you - you'll want to write them down.

About Tzook Shaked ( - Web Tech Lead at MyHeritage
Tzook Shaked is a Web Team Lead in MyHeritage. He implemented advanced technologies in MyHeritage such as Server Rendering, Micro Applications, Node.js Microservices and more. He is an expert in several web stacks including AngularJS, React and even Slim.js.The Web team at MyHeritage develop web applications with high scalability challenges, enabling the company to handle over 8 billion historical records, 2.7 billion profiles in family trees and 90 million users.

Testing your Angular Code Efficiently - Uri Shaked
Do you write tests? Do you enjoy it? In this talk, I am going to share with you some of the practices and the tools I have been using to test my Angular code more efficiently, and to make the testing experience much more streamlined and fun. We'll cover Jest, Wallaby and more, and you will learn how I quickly set up the testing environment for my Angular projects.

About Uri Shaked ( - Web Technologies Google Developer Expert, Senior Software Engineer at Blackberry
Uri Shaked is a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies. He created the popular angular-moment open source module and regularly speaks about Web and IoT-related technologies in conferences and meetups. Among his interests are reverse engineering, hardware hacking, building 3d-printed robots and games, playing music and Salsa dancing

Do it with style! - Nir Kaufman
Everything you need to know about styling your component in Angular, in a variety of techniques.

About Nir Kaufman ( - Google Developer Expert For Web Technologies, Principal Frontend Consultant at 500Tech,
Worldwide speaker, a community leader, and hair grower.

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