Thinking in Redux - Special workshop by Nir kaufman


• What we'll do
Thinking in Redux - Vanilla JS edition (No Frameworks)
advanced design patterns & techniques for modern SPA's.
Redux is a modern, lean, front-end library for state management based on good old messaging design patterns being used on the server side for many years.
By choosing it as your state management solution, you have to change your state of mind and start programming with events.
Through this workshop, we will learn practical advanced patterns and techniques for solving real-world state management problems using Vanilla JavaScript and help from Redux.

This workshop is aimed at people with practical experience with Redux or plans to incorporate it as part of their front-end stack.

About The Instructor
Nir Kaufman is a principal consultant and front-end architect at 500Tech.
He is a Google Developer Expert in web technologies and worked with dozens of companies from
startups to large companies over the past years.

- 18:00 - Gathering
- 18:30 - Session
- 21:30 - Q&A and More

• What to bring
You can bring your laptop if you'd like to follow along with the lecture. (optional)

• Important to know
No prior frontend frameworks knowledge is required. This subject is completely agnostic to the view layer and can be applied to all popular libraries out there (React, Angular, Vue etc..)