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Czerwone Maki 84

Czerwone Maki 84 · Kraków-Podgórze

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1. Dariusz Kalbarczyk - TBA

Dariusz Kalbarczyk - Developer Advocate at 7N, author of AngularJS - First steps

NG Poland and JS Poland Conference organizer. Co-founder of the group Angular Warsaw and Angular Krakow. Skilled programmer with over 17 years of IT industry experience. Emerging technologies and social media enthusiast. He’s also spent years working closely with some of the biggest companies on the financial and telecommunication markets. While working with AngularJS/Angular for the past 5 years, he participated in the creation of a cutting edge banking transaction system designed for mobile platforms, and a group insurance support system, among others. His experience with and enthusiasm for Angular are thoroughly discussed in the aforementioned book AngularJS - First steps (Helion publishing), as well as videos such as AngularJS tworzenie aplikacji (Angular creating applications) and Angular. Czysty kod (Angular clean code). In his free time, he listens to music with a little kick to it, plays the bass, and cycles.

2. David Müllerchen - TBA

David Müllerchen - JavaScript developer, freelancer, Google Developer Expert in Angular

David Muellerchen is an Angular consultant and trainer. David has a passion: sharing knowledge. He loves to speak and teach at meetups and conferences. He is Also an organizer of the Hamburg AngularJS Meetup and a GDE in Angular.

3. Tomasz Ducin - Decentralized Webapps: Angular Elements

What are Angular Elements and why should you care about them? In this talk we'll cover the low-level foundations and higher-level architecture behind decentralized webapps. We'll also discuss real world use cases where this approach fits very well.

Tomasz Ducin - Frontend Architect, Developer & Trainer
Advocate of modern JavaScript solutions. Critic of buzzwords. Experienced in both frontend and backend. Keen on designing interfaces and APIs. Trainer with a passion to explain how things work, avoid unnecessary decisions and over-complicated solutions, so that our code become simpler. Passionate about solving technical and organisational issues. Ex-theatre-actor. Probably addicted to coffee, for sure addicted to music.