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🅰️ Angular Architecture: Nx & Monorepo, Pro Tips to PR, Intros to Jest & AST
At this meetup we would talk about front-end architecture, the use of multiple small repositories, e.g. Microapps versus single monorepo. We would have an intro to Nx - open source toolkit for Enterprise applications Another talk would be an Intro to AST (Abstract Syntax Trees), Jest and tips to Pull Requests. As usual, we will have pizza, beer and soft drinks. ------------------------ Lightning talks ------------------------ - Pro Tips in Pull Requests Robert Pocklington - Passionate frontend developer, senior consultant @AGL - My learning of Jest Testing Framework with Angular Full Stack Software Engineer (Angular | Java) @ZWare ------------------------ Talks ------------------------ - Angular Apps Architecture: Monorepo & Nx Alex Burakevych - Front-end architect @ZWare - Introduction to Abstract Syntax Trees Deddy Kosasih - Frontend Developer @Telstra Health ------------------------ ------------------------ Youtube ( Slack ( ) - discussions, jobs, announcements Twitter @angularMelb ( ) Facebook ( ) We are still open for submissions of the talks. Submit your talk proposal for next meetup now ( ).

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Level 10, 111 Bourke Street · Melbourne