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Meetup #22 (State Management Part I, Integration Testing)

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🗓 Schedule
- 18:00 - Checkin and socializing with pizza & beverages
- 19:00 - Crafting solid state management - a principle based architecture - Part I - Michael Hladky
- 20:00 Integration tests in 5 steps - Zlatko Duric

Big thanks to TNG Technology Consulting, who helps us host another Angular meetup so soon after the last one. And big thanks to Michael Hladky for coming all the way from Vienna to give us one of his awesome talks!

⭐️ Crafting solid statemanagement - a principle based architecture - Part I
Using state management libs is hard... Crafting them on your own even harder.
In this talk we will not talk about code but principles that give you the knowledge to understand basically any state management code/pattern easily.
Spoiler alert: Michael is going to give us a Part II of this talk with non-noob content at the next meetup!

# About Michael:
Michael is located in Austria Vienna. He is a certified Google Developer Expert, trainer developer and consultant in the field of Angular and Ionic. As an active community member, he is the organizer of Angular Vienna and founder and leading head of Angular Austria, a non-profit association to support Angular.


⭐️ Integration tests in 5 steps - #3 will shock you!
In last two years Zlatko has brok^H^H^H^Htouched about 15 serious Angular codebases, almost all already in production. Some are active since Angular 2-beta.11. Sometimes to millions of users. He's never seen any of them do some of the mystic end-to-end things. How does it work? Magic?
For this talk, Zlatko went to end-to-end-test some random dummy code, and wants to present this magic - and what was involved. Fun-fact: the "5 steps" in the title was picked just because we needed a title - do you wanna see if it actually turns up like that? Then don't miss this meetup!

# About Zlatko:
Addicted to JavaScript. Co-organizer of Angular User Group Munich. Currently architecting, training, coaching on Angular and Web Technologies topics at