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Angular Vienna In-depth Meetup 2018

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As always we gonna see inspiring talks of amazing people, have some snacks and free drinks!

------------ Talks -------------

* Michael Hladky - Vienna, Austria
* Maxim Koretskyi - Kyiv, Ukraine
* Uri Goldshtein - Tel Aviv, Israel

## RxJs schedulers in depth - Michael Hladky

Schedulers are baked into RxJs. But it's not a well-known topic.
In this talk, I will reveal the internals of Schedulers, show how to use them in operators, control subscription with it.
I will also control and change time as well as use it to test code.

In the end, you will have a clear picture of what schedulers are as well as some practical examples that you can reuse.

## Modules are not what you think they are - Maxim Koretskyi

Some developers believe that Angular has different types of modules like shared, feature or routing module. They’d be surprised to learn that Angular has none. Using a simple application, this talk will demonstrate how Angular uses a compiler to merge all modules into a single injector. We’ll learn where lazy loaded modules fit into this picture and why modules hierarchy and encapsulation simply don’t exist at runtime. By the end of the talk, you’ll have enough knowledge to avoid unexpected results and will be able to link, load or compile modules like a pro.

## An alternative introduction and overview of GraphQL - Uri Goldshtein

A free form talk and Q&A with Uri, about his personal take on GraphQL, how to start, where is it going, his experience implementing it into large Enterprises and anything you can think of asking

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