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This is the largest Angularjs Meetup Group in the Netherlands.

Organizers of AngularNL 2019 with multiple Angular Professionals presenting, more info: angularnl.com (http://angularnl.com/?ref=angularmeetupamsterdam)

Passionate Angularjs Developers are welcome to join this meetup and share their knowledge. We will have presentations from Angularjs Developers about the positives and negatives they experience whilst using this awesome framework. It is a chance to meet like-minded people who want to learn more about the boundaries of Angularjs. Anyone is welcome in the Netherlands but we are trying to build the Amsterdam Angularjs community.

Welcome to the Largest Meetup community of Frontend Developers in the Benelux. Proven Track record of delivering the most inspiring, educational, fun and active Meetups in the Netherlands.

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Vuejs Road Trip with core contributors on its way to a city near you soon

Barcelona 25/05/2018

Paris 29/06/2018

Berlin 23/11/2018

vuejsconferenceamsterdam.eventbrite.nl (http://vuejsconferenceamsterdam.eventbrite.nl/)

Watch all the videos of top Vue, Angular and React speakers of our first Frontend Developer Love Conference


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Largest Angularjs Meetup Group in the Netherlands


Largest and Most Active group of Vuejs Developers in the Netherlands


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