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Angular.Track ( edition)

This Meetup is past

75 people went


Special event for all angular enthusiasts during the wwwtf week

Doors open at 6:00 pm
Talks begin at 6:30 pm
each talk is 30 minutes
socializing and food at 8:00 pm - open end


Client web applications are rich in events. Button clicks, keystrokes, and mouse moves are events. The data returned from an HTTP request arrives as an event. App components can send and receive messages through an event bus. Every page navigation is an event. Animations emit start and stop events. Events are everywhere.

RxJS Observables are the preferred way to manage events in Angular applications and many Angular APIs return RxJS Observables.

In this session, I’m going into the why you need to unsubscribe on some observable, and not on others. I’m going into detail and will explain it’s magic.

This session covers the basics of RxJS observables for Angular developers. You’ll learn how to work with Angular observable APIs, which RxJS operators you should know, and how to write your own observable APIs.

Sander is a versed developer with over 4 decades of practice under his belt. Working with angular since 2010/11. He is also a Google Developer Expert for web, specializing in Angular. Organizer of meetups and conferences. Helping out others wherever he can. When he is not breathing code, he is fiddling around with IOT, photography, science and anything that might vaguely is gadget-like! Thinks he a master of the grill, but in reality, you probably lucky when you don’t get food-poisoning 😉 Also, and actually the most important thing to him, he is a father of 4, and has the most patient girlfriend in the universe.



The latest Angular release gives library developers an ability to make their work more robust and effective. During this presentation, you will get a high-overview of how CLI commands works (including new features like ng add & ng update). You will also get basic knowledge how can you use those new functionalities in your job as an Angular App developer and/or Angular library developer. Check out project, to take a look what is the inspiration for this talk.

Maciej Treder is working in IT since ~2007 (freelance, frontend & backend dev, QA; actually Senior Software Development Engineer in Test). He is a Certified Java Programmer (OCJA & OCJP in Java 7 SE) and also interested in webapps, webservices and microservices architecture. He works with Angular since Angular 2 alpha version. Author of couple articles about JavaScript, NodeJS & Angular and author of the open source project @ng-toolkit (300+ stars on GitHub).



Angular, React, Vue… they all have their own ecosystem, specific patterns and best practices… For us, the developers, this might become indeed very frustrating as we have to switch between various projects with various libraries… Have no fear, universal solution is here! In this session I will show you how to learn libraries/patterns/tooling only once and apply it everywhere.

Martin is a Principal Software Engineer with strong passion for JavaScript/TypeScript and clean code. He loves contributing to open source (ngMetadata, SkateJS, Angular, React, Preact), enjoys writing technical articles on and also runs the biggest JavaScript meetup in Prague/CZ - ngParty. Martin loves to travel the world and meeting new people at conferences. When he’s not busy preparing the next meetup or talk, you can find him outside on one of his skate/snow/wakeboards (depends on weather conditions yo!)