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Worldwide AngularJS workshop / Hackathon #2 (co-event w/DevMeetings)

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Dear ng-members! We are very excited to announce free Worldwide AngularJS workshop on March 21st in cooperation with DevMeetings ( This workshop will be a 6-hour event held in different cities across Europe and the USA, 100 % technical and take you into the depths of Angular. A perfect opportunity to learn about Angular development.


Learn how to implement Single Page Applications based on AngularJS! Explore the basic concepts and elements of the framework as controllers, directives and services that allow to quickly and easily create structured web applications and create reusable components.

During the workshop you will learn how to use Angular to create a complete application, starting with a static HTML view and Twitter Bootstrap. In each part of the workshop we will gradually enrich our view with dynamic elements provided by Angular and thus get to know the individual concepts of implementing web apps in this framework.

For whom?
The workshop is intended for web developers who want to start building Single Page Apps and for programmers working in other frameworks (Backbone, Ember) who want to learn AngularJS.

Basic HTML and JavaScript programming knowledge.



1. Displaying the status of the model using angular and Bootstrap

• expressions

• ngClass

• ngShow

• controller

2. Modifying the model state by the user

• ngModel

• Two-way binding

3. Dealing with the growing complexity of the code – building components

• The concept of the directive

• Isolating the scope of a directive

• Implementing your own directives

4. Dynamic creation and validation of forms

• ngModel

• ngPattern

• ngRequired

• $valid

5. Integrating the angular application with a server API. Packaging the business logic into separate, reusable application components.

• Concept of a service

• $http service

• $timeout service

• Create your own services

• Dependency Injection

6. Navigating through multiple pages in a Single Page Application – frontend routing

• attaching external modules

• ngRoute module

• uiRouter module



The workshop is based on implementation of 2 small, but complete applications implemented in AngularJS.

As a participant, you will implement the significant part of the functionality individually or in teams, learning the software development process based on Angular starting from scratch and finishing with a small but complete Single Page App.


Stay tuned for updates!