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AngularJS Utah meetup

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Matt Z.



5:45-6:00 – Food and welcome

6:00-6:30 – Kent C Dodds

6:30-7:00 – Aaron Frost

7:00-8:00 – Socializing


"JWT: Not Your Grandma's Cookies" Presented by Kent C Dodds

Cookies and sessions are the traditional way to keep track of user state on the server, but it can bite you later. JSON WebTokens (JWT) is a stateless way to deal with users. I'll show how to use $httpInterceptors to make this easy as pie. :-)

Audience – Intermediate

About Kent – I'm a JavaScript padawan who loves AngularJS. I work at Domo as a front end developer coding Angular all day. I love it.

"#perfmatters in Angular apps" Presented by Aaron Frost

Angular is so great, cause anyone can learn it and build apps with it. However, somewhere a long the way, the honeymoon-phase ends, and it's time to start paying the piper. Invariably all Angular apps will face a moment where they are experiencing performance problems. Let's sit down and go over some common scenarios that will get you into trouble with Angular. And how things like DevTools and Batarang can be your best friends when searching to solve these issues.

Audience – Intermediate

About Aaron – I am one of the many developers who love working at Domo, Inc. We are working to make business intelligence in the cloud something that everyone can love and use. My focus at Domo is to bring fun, new features to the app, while shoring up some of the technical debt incurred in previous dev iterations.

I am also an O'Reilly author, currently writing two books about the next version of JavaScript, ES6. The first book is for management, explaining the reasons why they should help their teams use the latest version of JavaScript. The second book is a field guide for the new ES6 API that is currently being working on by the TC39. Being an author is a completely horrifying experience, one that has been simultaneously liberating.

My goals include: working at Google, running several start-ups, and perhaps crabbing in Alaska.

3300 N. Ashton Blvd. Ste. 300 · Lehi, UT