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PGS Software

Sucha 3 · Wrocław

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Biurowiec Wroclavia. Wejście od strony ul. Suchej pomiędzy mBank a Orange. 4 piętro.

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Zapraszamy na kolejne spotkanie Angular Wrocław.

Spotykamy się w nowym biurze PGS Software, ul. Sucha 3 (wejście pomiędzy mBank a Orange, piętro 4).

Zaczynamy o 18:00, a kończymy ok. 21:00.

18:00 - 19:00 - "Fast PWAs With Angular And Ionic" - Mike Hartington
19:00 - 19:45 - "Teamwork Without Pain" - Alex Tryshchenko
19:45 - 21:00 - Pizza + Networking



1. "Fast PWAs With Angular And Ionic" - Mike Hartington (EN / Intermediate)

Progressive Web Apps! We're constantly hearing about PWAs and why we should care about them. But when it comes to making one, we're often left to build out all the core features of a PWA, by hand. Thankfully, we have Angular, and have the right tools to help us out. We'll looks at patterns you can take in your Angular app to start to make it an Progressive Web App, and what tools are available to make sure our app is ready to be a PWA.

Part of Ionic core team, Mike helps developers while they are building their apps and also frequently speaks and writes about Ionic. In his spare time, he’s a hybrid app maker, occasional musician, and craft beer lover.

2. "Teamwork Without Pain" - Alex Tryshchenko (EN / Beginner)

Are you getting bored by code review process? Or committing changes and waiting for them to be reviewed make you feel uncomfortable waiting for negative feedback? You and your colleagues make apparent mistakes, and it consumes time to get them fixed? Are you getting tired of everything being broken all the time? Or you spent a lot of time arguing about stuff which is not important? If at least one is right, then this talk is for you. I will share toolchain and approach we use in our teams and some processes which help us being better developers and live in peace with each other.

Alex is a Senior JavaScript developer in DataArt. A public speaker in Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine. Open Source contributor.


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