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Meetups are held the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm, with the goal of sharing Angular knowledge and best-practices and providing a space where people can meet up and chat with others working with Angular.

Video from past meetups: http://youtube.com/AngularNYC


If you're interested in giving a talk - please let us know! Speakers of all levels and backgrounds are welcome.

We have experienced mentors who can help you preparing the talk.

Check out our Speaker FAQ (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZIvF0g1qSmcJK99yK1tnl2LTFmYOi5g2xXodQ9RJDNs/edit#heading=h.h61pupkuj67r)

Fill out the Speaker form (http://bit.ly/ng-nyc-speaker)

Code of Conduct

We expect all speakers and attendees to follow the JSConf code of conduct (http://jsconf.com/codeofconduct.html).

Resources on Angular

Perfect place for everyone to start: https://angular.io/

youtube.com/angularjs (http://www.youtube.com/angularjs)

angular@ (http://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/angular) mailing list

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AngularNYC March Meetup


Angular March! 🎤 Developer Experience: devs have feelings too Eudes Petonnet-Vincent DX (short for Developer eXperience), is the little sibling of UX (User eXperience). You want the end user to have a good time or be efficient when using your application, sure. You should also strive to ensure that developers using your components can do so without the urge to bash their laptop in after 2 hours of failed integration. We will build together a small carousel component and design its API step-by-step so that it can be integrated easily, whether you just finished the Tour of Heroes or are at the top of your Angular game. 🎤 Clear examples of building using Angular Schematics Peter Smith Upstate Interactive builds Angular applications for everyone from local coffee shops to the US Department of Defense. There are common links between them. So we are using angular/schematics to reduce the copy/pasting and re-writing of code from one app to the other. This talk is about using Angular Schematics. 🍻☕️ Post-event hangout: The Tipplers ---------------------------------------------- ▶ If you’re interested in giving a talk, please let us know! Speakers of all levels and backgrounds are welcome, and we have experienced mentors who can help you prepare your talk! Check out our Speaker FAQ: https://goo.gl/jeoygr Fill out the Speaker Form: https://goo.gl/eEHRao ▶ 😊 Code Of Conduct We expect all speakers and attendees to follow the JSConf code of conduct ( http://jsconf.com/codeofconduct.html ) ---------------------------------------------- 📷 Find us at: Instagram: nyc_js_org Youtube: angularnyc Slack: nycjsorg.now.sh Twitter: ngnewyork

#partner-event FullStack NYC 2019

237 Park Ave

Exclusive discount on FullStack NYC tickets! 🎉🎁We have been given an exclusive discount just for our community. Use the code ANGULAR at check out and get 25% off FullStack NYC ticket price. Hurry as this offer is for two weeks only and will expire at midnight on Monday 28th January 2019. 👉 Register with the link: https://skillsmatter.com/conferences/11077-fullstack-nyc-2019-the-conference-on-javascript-node-and-internet-of-things After selling out the London version, the team at Skills Matter are expanding it’s FullStack conference to New York. FullStack NYC is The Conference on everything JavaScript, Angular & IOT. FullStack NYC (http://bit.ly/2R0mPTw) will explore unit tests, WebAssembly modules and native C++ addons and more, all in real application detail. Maker and game dev Amie Dansby and Minko Gechev of Google’s Angular team are just two of the expert speakers announced. See the full programme here. Click here(http://bit.ly/2R0mPTw) to learn more about FullStack NYC 237 Park Avenue, Midtown, Lobby Level, Entrance on - Lexington Avenue between 45th & 46th Streets[masked], New York, 10017, US

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