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🕒 6:00 - 🍕 and hang out
🕒 6:20 - Talks on Firebase CMS,Angular Universal, testing and Integration tests, and handling complex forms.
🕒 8:00 - Post event hangout at Think Coffee: 73 8th Ave

▶ ⚡️Lightning Talk: Simplifying the process of managing content in a Firebase project.
by Marsh Middleton ( and Andrew McElroy (
In this talk we’re going to discuss the value Firebase users can derive from having an easy to use, content centric CMS to add, manage and update content in their Firebase projects. is headless CMS built to seamlessly integrate with Firebase and harnesses the power of the Firebase engine to let Developers keep building powerful features, while their client can effortlessly update their content in real time

▶ 🔈 Talk 1: Peter Smith
Peter Smith ([masked])
Everyone knows that the state of Angular CLI and the standards around getting a new application started are changing faster than you change your socks. If you want to keep up with the latest and not only that but keep your sanity as well, then you need to learn from the community. Did you know that Angular CLI version 1.6 enables generation of a universal application as simply as you generate a component? Learn that and more at Angular NYC.

This talk will cover three topics in 30 minutes:

- Starting with Sever Side Rendering using @angular/cli to generate an Angular Universal Application
- Preventing excessive API calls in Server Side Rendered applications by using the TransferState API
- Building efficiently with ngRx with @ngrx/schematics, @ngrx/entity, @ngrx/effects, and @ngrx/store

You'll learn a gigaton!

▶ 🔈 Talk 2: Integration testing with Cypress
by Gleb Bahmutov (
Testing is hard. End to end testing is really hard. But maybe it is hard because our tools are not up to task. What if we could redesign the testing experience from the ground up to be fast, useful and effective?

Let me show you how to quickly test any Angular application using - an open source modern test runner that replaces Protractor and Selenium. Don't believe the hype - come see Cypress demo for yourself, and I guarantee you will start writing tests.

Here is what other people using Angular say about testing with Cypress vs testing with Protractor:

▶ 🔈 Talk 3: NgRx Complex Forms
by Jesse Sanders (

NgRx is changing how we are writing our enterprise applications and helping us to reduce the complexity in our applications. We will be deep diving into complex forms that render forms dynamically. We will be covering the gambit of issues presented when working with forms including dynamic rules on when to show fields, validating field data, and updating the store. We will deep dive into code samples to walk you through step by step. We will also be covering other common pitfalls in NgRx applications with clear patterns on how to approach each problem.

▶ 🔈 Talk 4: Angular Unit Testing Best Practices
by Joe Eames (
It's not good enough to just unit test. You need to be writing the best unit tests you can. In this session we won't look at how to write unit tests in Angular, we'll be looking at how to write GOOD unit tests in Angular.

🍻☕️ Post-event hangout:
Think Coffee: 73 8th Ave A, New York, NY 10014

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