AngularToronto Meetup - VIRTUAL event (April 7 2020)

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AngularToronto Meetup
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Welcome to our #AngularToronto meetup - post ng-conf edition, where we discuss everything Angular and web dev.

YouTube Link:
We'll use YouTube's chat to communicate :) If anyone would like to ask the question live, we should be able to arrange that too.

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Thank you Google and Firebase for supporting us.

🕒 5:00 - Intro

🕒 5:05 - Recap of ng-conf by Leonardo Braga ( and Alex Okrushko

🕒 5:20
🎤 The State of Angular Deployment, SSR, and Prerendering
🗣 Minko Gechev (
💻 Developer Programs Engineer, Angular Team, Google

🕒 5:40
🎤 The power of your Personal Brand
🗣 Nathalia Silva (
💻 Google's WomenTechmakers Ambassador

🕒 6:00 - Q&A and Break

🕒 6:10
🎤 Scaling Development across Multiple Projects with Nx
🗣 Jason Jean (
💻 JavaScript Architect at

🕒 6:30 - Q&A and Break

🕒 6:40
🎤Little App of Horrors - workshop
🗣Lara Newsom (
💻Software Engineer at Source Allies

🕒 7:30 - Q&A and Break

🕒 7:40
🎤Components Best Practices
🗣Alex Okrushko (
💻Software Developer, Google, Firebase


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