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Cypress in Action

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After a long break we’re back with our MeetUp events! This time we talk about e2e testing with Cypress! Join us on October 10th!

We will see how easy is to write e2e tests with Cypress and integrate them in a CICD pipeline.



For a long time e2e test had as many fallbacks as they had benefits. Even though they play an important role in testing automation, poor stability and high maintenance costs made many teams forgot using them completely.

Cypress does quite a good job at changing this. It is an open source testing framework that runs entirely in the browser. It does not require Selenium - hence the increased speed and stability. Code can be written entirely in JavaScript and works with every frontend framework. It gives you a lot of flexibility, allowing you to test the entire application, as well as mock parts of the backend calls or write single component tests. With Cypress writing e2e tests is finally easy, and even fun (at times)!

2BIT will share their experience with Cypress and as an integral part of their testing strategy.

Join us to discover this powerful testing framework! Together we will go through the tests setup, show you how to integrate them in your Azure CI/CD pipeline and discuss different testing strategies.

After the talk, our staff will be available for discussions during the Apero.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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