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If we're at all serious about helping ensure a better future for animals, we have to start demanding much more from ourselves than we have previously. We have to dedicate ourselves to effective campaigning. We have to support local grass-roots struggles, both in the streets and with donations. We have to choose our targets strategically, with a mind to bottlenecks. In any case, we need to do more!

There are many, many opportunities in the Philadelphia area to "meet up" for animals. Ranging from regular demonstrations at local stores that sell animals to frequent outreach events on behalf of the animals confined in the Philly Zoo - the only thing missing is YOU! All of our events are peaceful, friendly, and legal. Our goal is to educate, not intimidate. Join our meetup - it's always free!

Note: We love to eat and socialize as much as anyone, but there are many groups in the area already dedicated to dining out, vegan potlucks, parties, etc. Our group is dedicated to increasing participation in various animal campaigns in the region and as such, will focus on events where those interested in helping animals will be able to do so.

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Chimps Deserve Better Protest

Location visible to members

***Please try to wear all black ***

Be a part of the launch of PA’s efforts in speaking out for the chimps languishing inside the Project Chimps warehouse funded by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

Please join the protest and neighborhood outreach near the home of Marsha Perelman, who sits on the board of directors of both HSUS and Project Chimps. We have no doubt that Marsha Perelman cares about animals and has been very generous. What we don’t know is why she and her board colleagues aren’t transforming Project Chimps into the sanctuary that they claim it is. More background info below.

Date: Sunday, January 23, 2022
Time: 1pm - 3pm
Meet up location: Corner of Montgomery Ave & Anderson Ave, Ardmore, PA 19003

All signs and leaflets will be provided. Please wear all black if possible.
PATCO will bring you very close to the meetup location.


-Where we protest

We will stand on the public area in front Marsha Perelman’s home. After protesting there for some time we will walk to Suburban Square.

-What we do

We hold signs with slogans like “Chimps Deserve Better" and “Fix Project Chimps” along with photos of the chimps and Marsha Perelman.
We will shout short phrases about why we are there and if anyone feels compelled they can do speak outs on the megaphone. Please bring your megaphone if you have one!
We ask that you keep any one-on-one interactions respectful.


There are numerous free parking lots for customers as well as street parking.

Suburban Square Parking: 18W E Montgomery Ave, Ardmore Pa

Suburban Square Parking Garage: 109 Coulter Ave Ardmore, PA


We will be walking and standing on area that should be accessible to wheelchairs. Please reach out with any questions. One of the organizers is disabled and happy to answer questions. We are eager for you to attend.

-Police Interaction

If the police do arrive, there will be a designated liaison to communicate with them. We ask that no one other than the police liaison speaks with police. This will help to avoid confusion and undesirable situations.


Customers of shops in the area can use the restroom and warm up in there.

-Receptivity of the public

This will be our first event so we are unsure of how the public will react. We anticipate people will be supportive of our message.

-Background information

In 2020, 22 people who worked for or volunteered at the HSUS sanctuary, Project Chimps, sent a letter to the board to sound the alarm about multiple animal welfare deficiencies, including infrequent access to the outdoors. At Project Chimps, the 82 residents are held in concrete enclosures for all but about 10 hours a week. That’s a warehouse, not a sanctuary. Shortly thereafter, National Geographic validated the whistleblower allegations in an in-depth, investigative story, and the Nonhuman Rights Project issued two public statements demanding that Project Chimps provide residents with daily access to the outdoors. While HSUS has finally acknowledged the need for more habitat space, it has not committed to breaking ground, despite raising millions of dollars off of the plight of chimps in captivity and its promise to provide these chimpanzees who were tormented in laboratories with a humane retirement.

Visit Chimps Deserve Better on Facebook and Instagram for photos and videos inside the Project Chimps warehouse.


***The chimp in the event page photo is Kareem. Kareem spent about 30 years being used and tormented in laboratories. He was supposed to be living out the rest of his life in a sanctuary but instead he’s at Project Chimps waiting for a better future. Let’s help Kareem and the other chimps get what they deserve - the true sanctuary that they were promised.

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