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The purpose of this group is to have meetups where like-minded people can make new friends, experience fun things, and have intellectual conversations. Please be actively looking for new friends, and have free time to hangout with us. :)

You would be a great addition to our group if:

love animals, 100% vegan (or in the process, no exceptions, no vegetarians), non-smoker, not a heavy drinker or hard drug user, non-religious and don't believe in God, you have a little spending money, honest, reliable and serious about hanging out, live in San Gabriel Valley and have a car, in your late 20s to early 40s, not easily offended or sensitive (there will be cussing, burping, religion bashing, and racist jokes), you submit a current picture that clearly shows your face with your request to join. Shy or slightly socially awkward is totally fine, just be willing to meet us!

Potential Meetups: Badminton, bowling, vegan buffet (monthly), vegan festivals, miniature golf, game night, poker, comedy shows, movies, hiking, things involving animals, grabbing food, etc.


You have a friendly cute fuzzy pet, You're single, and don't have kids, You enjoy bowling, you abstain from meat for ethical reasons. If this sounds like you, we would love to meet you! :)

Please note: All members and guests must be at least 21 years old. Guests are encouraged, but they must also be a good fit (it's okay if they are not vegan if they are genuinely interested in veganism). Your request to join will be denied if you do not fill out the Introduction/Questions completely. Members who do not take RSVPs seriously will be removed. By attending our meetups, you consent to having your picture taken and being posted to Meetup and Facebook. You also agree NOT to attend meetups while you are sick. Bringing or eating animal products is unacceptable at meetups. The only regular Meetup we have currently is once a month on a Wednesday night.

FEES: None required, but donations are encouraged as Meetup charges organizers to keep the group on their website.

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