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Free Play Time for 0-5 yr Olds
• What we'll do Learning a second language, especially a tonal language is very important in early childhood. It's not only good for future job opportunities, but also very good for brain development. Here are some of those research evidence-based reports: 1. Tonal Languages Use Both Sides of The Brain ( 2. Speak A Tonal Language Primes The Brain for Music Training ( 3. Mother Tongue May Determine Maths Skills ( 4. Chinese Speakers Use More of Their Brain Than English Speakers ( Are you an open-minded parent and you want your child to get formal early childhood education while learning a new tonal language? If so, you and your child are welcome to join us for a fun time at May's Bilingual Preschool. The focus is on promoting child development and bilingual education in young children. Activities include circle time, reading, crafting, field trips, music time, dancing, science experiments, playing volleyball, bowling with numbers, and so much more! For more info, please visit us at • What to bring • Important to know

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This is an extension of the Ann Arbor Adventure Club to promote family friendly events such as camping, hiking, play dates, kid friendly adventures, and for parents to meet other parents.

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