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The Ann Arbor Classics Book Group meets monthly on Sundays at 3pm at Nicola's Books in the Westgate Shopping Center on Ann Arbor's West Side to discuss selections from Boxall's "1001 books you must read before you die."

Group members vote online for monthly selections. There are dues of $1.00 for each meetup attended (to help cover the monthly meetup.com fee).

Occasionally, we will have an after-discussion dinner.

This group is largely driven by its members, so make sure to voice your opinions on the group message board. Don't forget, the full list of 1001 books can be found under our group files in excel format. Download it and see how many you have read! A list of past selections and a guide to which books are available in audio-format and how to obtain them can also be found under group files.

Please note: Meetup does not provide organizers with unlimited control. Therefore, we do not have access to change your email address, your email settings (go to My Profile), or even to change your RSVPs. Each person must update these items for themselves. Thanks for understanding.

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Fathers and Sons - Ivan Turgenev

Nicola's Books


"First published in 1862, Ivan Turgenev’s “Fathers and Sons” is widely considered to be the author’s greatest literary achievement. It is a novel about the clash of ideologies of two generations. The older generation, the fathers, represents an upper class whose power and influence is fading and giving way to the younger generation, the sons, who represent an increasing objection to the status quo. This conflict is embodied in the characters of Arkady Nikolaevich Kirsanov and Yevgeny Vasilevich Bazarov, two friends who have meet as students at St. Petersburg University. Arkady has recently graduated and has returned home to his father’s small estate in an outlying province of Russia bringing his friend Yevgeny with him. What follows is uneasiness amongst the family when Arkady and Yevgeny’s nihilistic views begin to emerge and are shown in conflict with the older generations more traditional views. “Fathers and Sons” is a brilliant work that captures the tension that existed among generations and class in the years leading up to the revolution in Russia."

White Teeth - Zadie Smith

Nicola's Books


"At the center of this invigorating novel are two unlikely friends, Archie Jones and Samad Iqbal. Hapless veterans of World War II, Archie and Samad and their families become agents of England’s irrevocable transformation. A second marriage to Clara Bowden, a beautiful, albeit tooth-challenged, Jamaican half his age, quite literally gives Archie a second lease on life, and produces Irie, a knowing child whose personality doesn’t quite match her name (Jamaican for “no problem”). Samad’s late-in-life arranged marriage (he had to wait for his bride to be born), produces twin sons whose separate paths confound Iqbal’s every effort to direct them, and a renewed, if selective, submission to his Islamic faith. Set against London’ s racial and cultural tapestry, venturing across the former empire and into the past as it barrels toward the future, White Teeth revels in the ecstatic hodgepodge of modern life, flirting with disaster, confounding expectations, and embracing the comedy of daily existence."

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Middlemarch - George Eliot

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