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GNU Make as a tool for reproducible data analysis

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Ellis V. and 4 others


Please join us for the July 2016 installment of our monthly meetup series!

This month's meetup will be hosted at Ann Arbor SPARK (, who will also be providing pizza for the group.

Michelle Berry will give a lightning talk titled "Updates from the tidyverse and highlights from useR!" which will give a brief overview of some of the exciting new R developments showcased at the useR conference.

Pat Schloss, PhD will give our main talk on using GNU Make as a tool for reproducible data analysis. Makefiles are typically used for generating executables from a program's source files, but the same technology can be used to automate and reproduce an analysis workflow. Pat's talk will cover the motivation for using Make and guide attendees through a tutorial of how to construct a makefile for an analysis (e.g., one in R).

Pat Schloss is an associate professor at University of Michigan in Microbiology and Immunology. His research combines wet lab and computational methods to investigate links between the gut microbiota and disease. He is the developer of the mothur ( software for analyzing microbial short read sequence data.

Join us at HopCat after the talks for the usual food and drinks!!