January AARUG Meetup: Flexdashboard and Non-standard Evaluation


Join us for our first AARUG meetup of 2018! We have two great talks lined up on Tidy Evaluation and the flexdashboard package. As always, stick around after the talks and get to know your fellow R Users over food and drinks. Location TBD, but most likely Blue Tractor.

Tidy Evaluation
Colin will give a brief explanation of non-standard evaluation (NSE) and how to use the value stored in a variable as part of tidyverse code. Illustrated by handling a case where column names are not known until runtime.

Joshua King will be presenting an overview of the capabilities of RStudio's flexdashboard package. This package combines functionality from static graphics and interactive htmlwidgets into a self-contained dashboard using R Markdown syntax. He will go through the construction of a demo dashboard for the best pizza/taco restaurant this country may never know.

About our Speakers
Colin Gross works at the University of Michigan Medical School writing code and doing research. His other activities include drawing and running.

Josh is a new Midwesterner, as he just recently moved to Ann Arbor from the Carolinas to follow his wife's academic career. Josh is currently working at Domino's, focusing on marketing analytics.