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Bayesian Modeling and Blogging in R

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Bayesian Modeling and Blogging in R
In April we'll be hearing about different bayesian analysis packages (brms, rstanarm) and how to make a snazzy blog (blogdown), all using R!

As always, pizza and beverages will be provided (thanks SPARK!), and we hope you'll join us afterwards at a to-be-determined bar or restaurant.


Bayesian Analysis - Alice Milivinti

Bayesian analysis in R has never been so easy. Alice will compare the brms and rstanarm packages, giving pros and cons and when to use one vs. the other, examples included.

Alice is a PhD Candidate in Demography at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, and is currently a visiting student at the University of Michigan. Her area of research is migration modeling and forecasts.


Blogdown - Xiaosong Zhang

Xiasong will introduce the blogdown package, and effort by RStudio to reduce the cost of communicating data-intensive material. The blogdown package uses familiar RMarkdown documents to generate and publish clean, stylish, and customizable personal websites while requiring little to no knowledge of websites or servers.

Xiaosong Zhang is a programmer analyst at University of Michigan, Kidney Epidemiology Cost Center. With a background in statistics, electrical information engineering and environmental sciences, he is interested in the intersection of statistics, data science, computing platform and how to implement evolving technology into scientific researches.
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