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Tidymodels: A tidy framework for modeling in R

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Clayton Y. and 3 others


Clayton Yochum will be giving a tour of parts of the new tidymodels framework, a set of tidyverse-compliant packages for modelling in R.

Pizza and beverages will be provided (thanks SPARK)!

Please join us afterwards for drinks and conversation somewhere nearby (TBD).


Clayton will demonstrate the use of the recipes, rsample, parsnip, and yardstick packages to pre-process, fit, and evaluate models on the Titanic dataset. These tidymodels packages are the brainchild of Max Kuhn, author of the caret package and the book "Applied Predictive Modeling". He joined RStudio last year with the goal of replacing caret with a set of smaller, more focused packages following modern tidyverse conventions.

Clayton Yochum is a co-organizer of the Ann Arbor R User group, a data scientist & engineer at Methods Consultants, and has been using R for nearly 6 years.