R + SAS, Environments for Annotations, & FiraCode


We've got 3 talks this month, short, medium, and long, all from long-time A2RUG attendees; abstracts and bios below!

Pizza and refreshments will be provided (thanks SPARK!), and after the meetup we'll head to a local watering hole (TBD) to continue the conversation.


R and SAS and R - Barry DeCicco: The R package knitr allows R to be used in conjunction with other software package, and not just as a way to produce better output. This presentation will show how to use R/RStudio/knitr to call SAS. In addition, R can be called from SAS, with efficient and easy data transfer.

Barry DeCicco has been a statistician for 26 years, working in the healthcare and automotive industries. He has worked for the Ford Motor Company, Visteon, the University of Michigan School or Nursing and Health System, Nissan and EPITEC. He has worked on engineering reliability, experimental design, psychometrics (patient, customer and employee satisfaction, and patient behavior) and warranty analysis.
He is currently employed as a data scientist for EPITEC, working onsite at Ford Motor Company.

Have Env -- Will Travel: Colin Gross will examine the use of R environments in the context of processing performance data. Software that generates tailored feedback summaries based on psychological theory needs to annotate performers based on their performance data. The annotations are tags such as "capability barrier" and "performance gap". A hurdle for implementing these annotations is that each client has a different way of calculating them. Managing different annotation calculations can be accomplished by leveraging R environments.

Colin Gross works at the University of Michigan Medical School writing code and doing research. His other activities include drawing and running.

FiraCode in RStudio: Kraig Stevenson will demonstrate how to use the FiraCode font (https://github.com/tonsky/FiraCode) in RStudio, a code-centric ligature-enabled font that makes your R code even more beautiful.

Kraig Stevenson is a data professional at Domino's Pizza. Before moving into the tech industry, he earned his PhD in bioinformatics, which means he can make sense of short sequences of DNA. He enjoys using R for exploring data, training predictive models, and producing charts that tell a story.