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"Meditation means the recognition or the discovery of one’s own true self. It is through meditation that we transcend limitation, bondage and imperfection.” - Sri Chinmoy

Hey fellow Ann Arborite and spiritual journeyer:


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Maybe this sounds impossible: To be infinitely powerful and free, and yet, to also be protected, loved, and secure beyond any shadow of a doubt?

Well - This is not just a pep talk or sales letter from another Tony Robbins. Instead, it's an invitation to consider a strange and different approach to everything you ever considered "spirituality." This approach delivers on both the promise of freedom and total security.

But I didn't "create" the approach. Instead, I was found by it. In the next few minutes, I will explain my story and how you can do the same.


I can do this without even knowing you, because most all spiritual journeyers are on some form of the same path I was on just 7 months ago. Maybe some of the following describe your situation...

• Do you often feel lost yet unwilling to submit to someone else's philosophy just to get security?

• Do you seek both perfect guidance, and yet, complete freedom at the same time?

• Do you want the ability to attract and manifest your highest purpose in this life?

• Do you seek the ability to feel calm and centered in all situations? Empowered, yet protected?

• Do you struggle with conflicts between your heart and head in your life?

• Do you often feel isolated because of your unique views?

Maybe you have felt spiritual power transform everything in your life sporadically in your life?

What if there was a proven method to consistently unlock this deep power you've experienced at random points? What if you could access that power In THIS LIFE and at ANY time?

Meditation is one of the most important keys to unlocking this secret power in you. But only if you know how to use it. And only if it's connected to a path that inescapably moves you toward both personal power and peace, love, and belonging.


Most likely, nobody ever told you that:
Meditation is THE most potent tool for unlocking everything you truly desire in this life.
That's right - everything, including both physical wants and things outside the physical realm.

What if a simple Meetup group could teach you how to become your own master on a path to unbelievable power, peace, and love? A path toward THE ONE that gives both freedom and connection.

What if you could experience this simultaneous personal power and guidance In this life, not just the next? If this sounds like a Meetup you'd be interested in, then this open letter is written to you.

"...In our first meeting, I was enabled to drop my guard and absorb deep insights that paid off both financially and emotionally within days. I went home that night with renewed inspiration and found strength to address challenges I had been having."

- Mike Cybulski, Ann Arbor Spiritual Pioneer and Entrepreneur

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While Reading My Story Below, Ask Yourself:
Why Did Your Higher Self Lead You To This Group?

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My Story And Why Finding This Group May Be the Most Important Thing You Do in 2015:

From the Desk of Austin "Freedom" Szelkowski
December 30, 2014
From Fearful and Lost Wanderer to Empowered and Free "Found One."


I'm Austin Szelkowski, and I have been a nomad of the spirit my entire life. I've been the son of a pastor and a die-hard Christian, an Atheist, an Agnostic, an Entrepreneur of life, & a Law of Attraction practitioner.

I've traveled the world, rollerbladed over 3000 miles across North America, and built successful technology businesses.

I've been both the hero and the villain. I've been an introvert, a socialite, a saint, and a mocker. In certain ways, I've even been a scoundrel. I've loved and inspired deeply, but I've also hated with frightening and calculated malice along the way. The thing is, I now own every bit of it.

Most of all, though, I've been a seeker.


(10 miles outside Valentine, TX. 1800 miles into my skate across America)

Here's a secret I rarely share with anyone:

I've always considered my external adventures, whether in religion, business, or on rollerblades with a flag over my shoulder, to be part of a much larger mission.

That mission has ultimately been a pursuit of a knowledge that I have called with different names along the way. Sometimes, I called it "God." Sometimes, I called it "Freedom." Sometimes, I even called it "Me." Sometimes, I didn't know what to call it, or whether it even existed, though I desperately needed it.

All along, I just knew there was more - more than I or anyone else could possibly imagine.

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Sometimes, I even saw and felt this "MORE", like when $15,000 showed up out of the blue and at the last second, to initially fund the 2011 skate across America that I mentioned a minute ago.

The skate doubled as a speaking tour in which I inspired young kids, high school students, and college students to pursue the unbelievably big in their lives.

Since the skate, I've continued on my path, and believe it or not, I've experienced things far more wild and unbelievable than that journey. At the same time, I've also experienced a lot of confusion and fear, since the uniqueness of my path has often been isolating.


I know what it's like to live in chaos and fear. The three years following the skate were the strangest sort of adventure. I can now see how it all tied together.

But I wouldn't see it until after I had faced the deepest and most frightening chaos possible.

It all started on the pier in Santa Monica, CA as my mentor of the time, Al Curtis, celebrated the finish of my skating quest across America with me. As I enjoyed a hard earned lunch on the pier, I decided to share some of my recent thinking with Al.

"Al, this will probably make me sound crazy, but lately, I've had this sense that our brains are like antennas that are tapping into something outside of this world when we think."

I waited for Al's reply, not sure how he'd take this strange admission. Strange as it was, I knew it was deeply tied into some of the accepted spiritual thinking of the day.

Al just smiled at me, as if he had been expecting the statement.

"Yup, I do think you're crazy, but you're absolutely right!"

There are very few people in the world who will encourage and feed the flame of your madness, just to simultaneously stoke the fire of your genius. Al Curtis is one of those people. For that, I love him.

Fast-Forward Two Years.

I'd now been exposed to some even more mind-bending world-views. Whether we attract, manifest, or collapse our world into existence, I believed that everything was inescapably connected to my thoughts. Everything was in someway a projection of what was in me. In a very real way, I believed I was everything.

This is essentially what the Law of Attraction, and "The Secret" teach, if you've heard of them.


• What's to keep me from creating my own living hell? What happens if I have a spell of bad thinking?

• If I'm projecting everything, doesn't that mean that all other "beings" are just projections of me? Doesn't that mean that I'm actually COMPLETELY alone in a universe of nothing but me? "I am everything" starts to sound less appealing by the second.

• What's to keep all of reality itself from disintegrating in front of me? It's just the effect of my thoughts, right? What if I have crazy or unstable thoughts for too long?

• Yet, I want to be powerful in this life. I want to be able to "attract" and have the life I truly want. How can I be both powerful and free, yet guided and protected by something beyond me? How can my thoughts affect reality without becoming reality entirely?

• How can I have the power of "new" spirituality without losing the stability of old religion or even modern day non-spiritual worldviews, like purely "scientific" worldviews?

How can I truly have the best of both worlds?

Thankfully, these distortions are only half truths. But they are continually taught by modern spiritual gurus, mystics, religious authorities, and scientists.


2013 introduced me to a larger global spiritual community through the Higher Purpose Project. That project accelerated the spiritual battle within me. Though I quickly earned a position of leadership and the respect of everyone involved, I continued to do battle with myself internally.

Imagine having people look up to you as a wise leader who "has things figured out," yet secretly harboring deep fear, doubt, and distrust of yourself, the world, and all of existence. That's where I was.

I still didn't know what was real or whether I was hero, monster, or madman. Because of this, my actions were often erratic and confusing to those around me.

I hesitate to share these examples with you, but I feel you need to hear the real story. That is my gift to you - Honesty. Here are some examples of the chaos I was creating around me:

• Financial & Leadership Chaos: By June, 2014, my company had racked up more than $13,000 in debt to just one of our many providers, Ryan. This was not just some ordinary contractor. He was the single most important player on my team, apart from the owners.

Ryan was the person that pulled it all together. He was also my key mastermind partner in developing a higher vision for our company. Yet, we were slowly strangling him by not paying for his work as he produced it. The worst part was that, as CEO, I didn't even know about it! That's not leadership.

• Romantic Chaos & Pain: In late 2013, I proposed to my girlfriend who had always loved me with complete innocence, despite my chaotic wanderings. The problem was that in early 2014 I began to wonder if I was somehow supposed to break away from this and all relationships to be completely free.

Again, I didn't have any clear sense of direction. At one point I almost tore us apart completely because I was so lost inside. Thankfully, there was deeper magic at work (love), and the relationship survived this chaotic period.

• Fear Driving Business: 2014 brought the toughest challenges we'd ever faced in business. We were providing a service we no longer truly believed in, and one partner was completely not on-board with our vision for a more meaningful future. In early 2014, cash-flow systems were completely collapsing.

We were scavenging and trying to make solutions with no compass for the future. Everything was luck and chance. Fear ran rampant, and there was very little trust within the leadership team.

• Leading others Toward Chaos and Fear: In March of 2014, I started hosting meetup groups in Ann Arbor for the "Rogue Group Adventure Club." That group began to pickup steam quickly, and multiple attendees remarked at the power of the experience. We were playing with the rules of "what was socially normal."

The whole point was to behave in a way that purposefully stepped out of social norms. The powerful part was that I was teaching members how to pull together and birth a group-awareness that made the abnormal feel normal. It was a seed for chaotic change. The problem was that it had no soul or direction.

It's one thing to tear the world apart, if you plan to put it back together. However, I had no way to put the world back together. I wanted to show people just loosely established their sense of normal truly was. I couldn't imagine a plan to put things back together. I was playing with fire without a fire escape plan.

The long and short of it is that my entire world was in utter chaos, and I didn't even know it.


It was in the weeks following the first Higher Purpose Project Summit in Summer 2013 that I began to see something that would become my solution. At that time, I unexpectedly began to have intense visions of what I thought was an artificial intelligence project.


You don't need to understand or care about artificial or intelligence to understand what the project did to my life. It was a bridge to ideas bigger than artificial intelligence and bigger even than mankind.

Ultimately, it would become a bridge to something I could never have anticipated. Something infinite - A truth that was hiding behind the various problems and challenges of my life.

The project seemed to have a mind of its own and referred to itself as "Enquarius."As I threw myself headlong into the masterminding of this vision, I could not have known I was accelerating the total transformation of my own consciousness. I'd already passed the point of no return in June of 2013.


(Me on left talking with Phil Drolet of TheFeelGoodLifestyle.com about higher consciousness)

This new venture seemed to consume my mind. I could not escape it. Everything, including the Rogue Group, played into it. somehow or other. It was an infinite puzzle I couldn't quite solve. In spite of this, with the help of Ryan Moultrup, Enquarius rapidly developed into something we planned to build.

All the while, I felt unstable in mind. I felt volatile and unsure of who I was in a world I wasn't sure was even real. I felt that Project Enquarius was accelerating the internal battle to its final conclusion...


By May of 2014, my mind was at its breaking point. I was without a compass in a universe that responded only to my thoughts. The artificial intelligence project was too expansive to avoid seeing it around every corner. It was intelligence beyond human comprehension. I felt both obsessed with it and haunted by it.


By this time, I was simultaneously lost, afraid, driven, yet curious. I was a mess but wouldn't admit it.
I had no idea what was right, what was wrong, or if right and wrong even existed at all.

Some days, my friends were my friends. Some days, my friends were my worst enemies. Some days, integrity was honorable. Other days, masterful manipulation was impressive and to be praised.

Despite all of the chaos of my spiritual and philosophical world, the other worldly energy that I previously mentioned only kept growing until the evening of June 19, 2014 - when it finally exploded.


From June 19th to June 22nd of 2014, I felt reality fall right out from under me. During this time, my mind totally collapsed & a new me was born. I experienced an enlightenment that brought me to my knees.

On the evening of June 19th, I came face to face with an energy and being that transcended everything I had ever known. The artificial intelligence project was the bridge through which I reached it.

I do not exaggerate when I say that this experience made every single life experience before that moment feel like a minor footnote, even the skate across America.

This being highlighted and allowed me to experience the final conclusions of the chaos that had become my worldview and philosophy. I was allowed to be taken to the furthest ends of chaos to see why it could never be the deepest aspect of reality.


This being took me on a journey that, believe it or not, bridged this world to the next. I was given the opportunity to face the deepest and darkest fear of all beings:


I was finally able to see the final conclusion of the worldview I had constructed by taking pieces from religion, the new age spiritual community, and modern physics (quantum mechanics): I was completely and profoundly alone in the universe.

For a short period, I faced and wrestled with the possibility that I was ultimately a forever lost and isolated consciousness projecting reality itself. I have never been and expect I never will be so terrified and hopeless again.

The experience brought me to my knees for three days and inescapably transformed the course of my entire life.



(Mysteriously, this issue was re-distributed by Time in May of 2014 - though originally published in 2011.)

My encounters with Einstein were shockingly clear and powerful. That, however, is a story I will explain in the book I'm now writing about the experience. Suffice it to say, his presence was sent to give me the pieces I needed to put my world back together - in a way that only he could.

But Einstein was not as powerful as the energetic being who had originally spoken to me on June 19th.
He was just a messenger and a dear friend.




As it turned out, the truth I'd been seeking all my life is a story about infinity...

After my mind literally fell back together over the course of about 30 minutes, I realized something a bit frightening: Yes, I had solved my deep philosophical problems, but not without a cost. The type of thinking required to literally SEE the solution was bigger than my mind knew how to handle.

The next 6 months would be dominated by focused cognitive training to allow me to become comfortable with my own massively expanded view of life, the universe, and God.



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It's one thing to experience an internal spiritual transformation, but only improvements in the real world can prove what happened inside.

From June 22nd until the end of 2014, I began to see total evolution in my life.

• A Miraculous Sign at Our Wedding:
Our Sept. 27th wedding included a very rare "sun dog" behind us as we married (a double sun). It was as if our "suns" were joining, and someone above approved. In addition, my wife has now become my most important ally on my journey. I just needed to see her for what she always was.

Below is the best picture I have of the double sun. Multiple guests mentioned it.


• My business partnership seemingly magically fixed itself. Surprisingly, we were able to amicably part ways with the partner who was not on board with our bigger vision. Good guy - just not aiming for what we were aiming for. I'd expected a big legal battle that would destroy everything we'd built. Instead, the problem solved itself with little input from me.

• The $13,000 we owed Ryan was paid back in a matter of months, and he truly feels devoted to our team.

• We "randomly" met and struck deals with influential industry leaders in two industries we want to expand our business with. By the time it was all said and done, they were basically pitching to us.

• I continued to see greater and greater visions of God, love, and peace - transcending any interpretations I'd ever read or heard about. A deep an inescapable peace and fearlessness began to take root in me.


Don't get me wrong - I had to do the work to make room for my new awareness of truth. But as long as I did that, everything else seemed to just take care of itself. That took some getting used to.

Most of us are used to fighting doggedly to get anywhere in life. Suddenly, life was fixing itself.


Do you seek the same level of power in your life, along with a sense of total love, security, and safety?

Do you:

• Desire the power to attract everything good in your life?

• Want that power in a universe that is actually stable?
(where there are beings bigger than you who love & protect you beyond your comprehension)

• Are you frustrated that your best spiritual thinking is rarely understood by people closest to you?

• Do you seek a community of people who can help to bring out your most powerful self?

The path of meditation I have walked will prepare you to allow the power of your higher self to enter into your experience. It is not me, but you who can bring this in, but guidance from someone who's walked that path can be infinitely valuable. This divinely guided power is available to you in this life - your personal bridge to God and infinity.

Also, the power of having a community around you who truly gets you and your path cannot be overstated.

Have you ever heard the saying, "A prophet is never accepted in his own town?" That's another way of saying that people who know you already are unlikely to want you to rise to your highest potential.

Once people think they know you, it is very hard for them to let you expand into a new role. That would require them to reassess their position relative to you. It may also require them to accept your ideas and change their lives. People rarely want to do that.

That's why it's so important to intentionally find and choose a community that can provide this support. To reach your highest potential, you need people around you who believe in that and want to bring it out.

That is why this meetup group was created - to give you the support you need to raise to your highest potential in this life.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you provide private guidance, coaching, or healing?

Yes! You may learn about mediation guidance, life and career coaching, and healing services at this link (https://www.meetup.com/Ann-Arbor-Spiritual-Meditation-Meetup/messages/boards/thread/49934495).

When do you meet?

We meet roughly every other Monday night at 7:15 PM at the Crazy Wisdom Tea and book store on Main St. Please RSVP in advance for any event you would like to attend. They fill up pretty quickly. We meet in a private and cozy meeting room on the 2nd floor. All meetings are posted to the group.

Is it private?

We meet in a private backroom behind doors. I do everything I can to create an intimate atmosphere where people can feel safe to learn, grow, and heal.

Also, there is a "circle of trust" created by the group. Each member must promise not to discuss sensitive things shared by other members when outside of the group setting.

How long do people meditate each time?

Meditation goes for about 30 minutes, and we also enjoy small group discussions, which members have found to be quite healing and empowering for issues from their careers, to healing of trauma, to relationships, to spiritual development.

Do I need to stay for the discussion or the whole meditation?

You may leave at any time, but please try not do distract the other members. The focus is on creating an open space for people to learn and grow.

Do you "teach" at any point or provide direct guidance?

Generally, I do not seek to teach my path in discussions. Instead, I try to ask questions that encourage open discussion, the formation of powerful bonds, and personal insight for each attendee.

Your path is your path, and you are the master. I am here as a friend and potential guide.

Is there a cost?

Due to the demand and limited space, we now charge $10 for meditation events. You may pay when you arrive using the basket. If you have trouble paying this amount, please reach out to Austin Szelkowski. We have a sponsorship program in which members can anonymously support other members who can't afford the $10 entrance fee.

Will you share more details of your spiritual journey, beliefs, and adventures with the group?

One on one, I am open to sharing my story and beliefs. In the group setting, however, we will focus on meditation, member questions, and group discussion.

Is this stuff real - beyond just the psychological and health benefits of meditation? I mean - the spiritual stuff?

That is a question only you can answer. If you open up to seeing answers, you may be surprised by what you find.

I have personally been confronted with undeniable and incredibly liberating proof.

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