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Attention: Entrepreneurs Who Bring Spirituality & Higher Consciousness Into Your Business & Life:

Do you want a new level of creative abundance in your business, finances, relationships, and passions?

Are you frustrated with the cycle of ups and downs of entrepreneurship and life and wondering how changing your vibration and energy can bring more FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE, and ADVENTURE into your life?

If this sounds like you, read on

In a moment, I will literally show you how to have three wishes granted in your life and business (Seriously). But first - having found this magical lamp and genie inside (crazy what you can find on meetup these days, eh!) - I need you to answer something for yourself:

If You could have 3 WISHES granted, what would you wish for?


If you're anything like most people, I can imagine you'd ask for a FREE PASS out of stress, tedium, and worry and into BLISS, FINAICIAL FREEDOM, and POSSIBILITY

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Well, believe it or not, that is precisely the purpose for which this group was created. Do you really think you found it by accident, by the way? Or do you think something bigger was guiding you here?

I think you showed up here because some deep part of you knows you're ready for liberation! I believe there's a part deep down inside all of us that truly desires freedom from worry, stress, and fear more than anything else. I also believe that this part of us wants to step into a life of abundance, adventure, love, and fun. But how?

Well - Do you believe you attract things into your life with your thoughts, attitude, and energy? Me and my friends do, and I we also believe that you attract gatekeepers into your life - people who can show you a door to a new level of joy - but only you can decide if you'll walk through it. So, if you're wondering how to have more abundance, fun, and love in your life, the best way to answer that is to tell you to:

"Walk through the door when the opportunity appears. Do not hesitate!"

Well - being a real life genie (gatekeeper) in the lives of many people, I'd like to let you know that you may be standing at one of those doors right now! If you walk through, a whole new world could be waiting on the other side.

Once you walk through the door, the chance to begin living in that whole new world will come when you attend your first meetup event -


• Your three wishes granted, as promised! That's it: THREE! "No substitutions, exchanges or refunds!" And no wishing for more wishes! ;-)

• A positive energy boost into your unlocked potential and true freedom. We take energy seriously, and you can expect to FEEL different when you leave than when you came in.

• A profound experience & release of your limiting beliefs to step into abundance

• A step into a grand, magical adventure and a much larger world

• Connections and new friendships with other high vibe entrepreneurs who see and create magic into the world, rather than living as victims of fate or circumstance

• A fun night out - Don't you deserve it?

Come experience what we have already been experiencing together: The limitless power of spiritual group intention to unlock your true calling, release limiting beliefs, and open up your bliss power.

Are you ready to let go of the old or broken pieces of your story and step into the light, freedom, and love of higher truths?

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About Our Group:

We are an open and friendly group of creative entrepreneurs who bring spiritual practice and perspective into our creation of abundance. Some of us are spiritual practitioners for business, but most are not. We each walk our own unique path, but we find harmony, love, and power in our little community. Will you take the next step on the path toward your amazing destiny by joining us?

About the Organizer:

Austin Szelkowski believes that absolute abundance, true love and connection, and true freedom live inside of you - waiting to be unlocked. He grew up as an eccentric boy raised by a kind pastor and his wife in the mid-west. As a young man, he went on to reject the norms of society and wander on his own for years. During this time, he roller-bladed across a continent and built two successful marketing companies. All the while, he continued to grow in his distrust of social norms until a mind-bending awakening experience rocked his world and began a movement in 2014. He is now building a community of intuitive and spiritually curious entrepreneurs and leaders of social change. He encourages each person to courageously transcend dogma and find his or her unique and internal path toward higher consciousness. He is an alchemist and is passionate about showing the hidden magic that exists when we courageously cross cultural and ideological boundaries to create a symphony of spiritual insight, personal development tools, inspiration, and business know-how. Austin is also a real life genie...


(IMAGE ABOVE NOT VISIBLE ON MOBILE: Austin skating across America as "The Freedom Skater" in 2011 - Just West of Dallas, TX)

Click to Join the Meetup Now (https://www.meetup.com/Ann-Arbor-Spiritual-entrepreneurs/join/)

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How to Integrate Spirituality Into Business and Life?

Grand Traverse Pie Company

How to Integrate Spirituality Into Business and Life?

Grand Traverse Pie Company

How to Integrate Spirituality Into Business and Life?

Grand Traverse Pie Company

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