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Are you looking for a fun way to practice your Italian in a conversational setting? Join the Ann Arbor Italian Conversation Group! This group is open to Italian language-learners of all levels. The format is informal. We talk about whatever comes to mind over some coffee (or beer) and get to know each other. The only "rule" is to try and keep the conversation in Italian, although English is perfectly fine when something needs clarification.

I started this group because I am relatively new to the study of the beautiful Italian language and would like to create an opportunity for myself and others to practice one of the most important parts of learning a language: speaking it!

I want to learn Italian, but I can't speak very well!

Speaking a language is the best way to learn, and you'll only begin learning when you stop speaking English and start stumbling your way into a new language. Making mistakes comes with the territory, so don't worry!

If you're uncomfortable with speaking Italian and would like to attend, I have a few suggestions that could help.

Write a paragraph in Italian about what you did this week. Use an online dictionary to look up words you don't know. Try to memorize some of the sentences you wrote before coming to the group. Now, you'll have something to say in Italian! Again, don't worry if there are mistakes. Making mistakes is the only way you'll learn.
If you still aren't comfortable, or didn't have time to prepare something, feel free to come and listen. Listening to spoken Italian is a great way to train your ear to hear and recognize unfamiliar sounds.
While speaking Italian is the focus of the group, we sometimes break out into English to clarify something that's misunderstood. Some of our Italian members also appreciate the opportunity to practice their English! That's perfectly fine, but please understand that the group is first and foremost an Italian conversation group.

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